Yale death update, plus others

A quick update this morning on what’s coming out about Michele Dufault’s death at Yale–this Yale Daily News story seems to have all the pieces (also see: New Haven Independent, New Haven Register, New York Times, many others). Most interesting to me:

As the University begins its investigation and review, OSHA will also investigate whether the lab is in compliance with federal safety regulations, said OSHA spokesman Ted Fitzgerald. OSHA sent an investigator to the scene Wednesday. Fitzgerald said the investigation could last a matter of weeks, or continue for as long as six months, but he added that it is too early to establish a timetable.

Initially, Fitzgerald said, OSHA investigators were unsure whether the incident fell under the agency’s jurisdiction because Dufault was a student, not a paid employee. But because both students and University employees use the machine shop, he said, OSHA decided to investigate.

“If there was a possibility there was hazard that might affect employees, then we would want to look into it,” he said.

I’d also like to note that, although Dufault’s death is horrifying, she is not alone. Although this is not a full round-up (I haven’t gone through the DCHAS pinboard or the CSB feed), here are some of the headlines I’ve collected in the past few weeks:

Our thoughts are with the families of all who have lost their lives.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. Has anyone at OSHA considered that they have an enormous stock of experience and expertise that could be brought to bear on this incident? Aside from the question of jurisdiction, their consultation would be invaluable to the investigation.

  2. Unfortunately, OSHA is usually understaffed and underpaid by the Republicans.

  3. Mitch, Do you suppose that safety issues are political?
    I don’t believe that the dead or their family truly care about
    political rhetoric. Why the comment? Are you at all safety affiliated? Or even safety conscience? Would this comment of yours be a need for attention? Please qualify-even signify.

    Happy Safety!