Chemical Safety on Sunday at #ACSAnaheim

Dispatch #2 from the ACS National Meeting by Russ Phifer

Today was a long but satisfying day in Anaheim, highlighted by the Division of Chemical Health & Safety’s executive committee meeting and technical programming. There were no surprises at the meeting; the Division is doing well financially – now if we could only find a Chair-Elect for 2013!

Of particular interest during the technical sessions was the Ask Dr. Safety program on reproductive hazards, with not one, not two, but three experts: Dr. Alan Hall, medical toxicologist; Dr. Neal Langerman, consultant to the stars; and Dr. Harry Elston, Certified Industrial Hygienist. There was a surprising number of college students present participating in the lively discussion that followed.

Finding a place to eat lunch during the meeting has been…challenging. Yes, the cheerleaders were still here today, and when they descended on the restaurants and grills of the convention center area, the result was lines that stretched longer than the lunch hour. But they’re heading home tonight and the chemists are taking over! The meeting heats up tomorrow as programming kicks into high gear.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. Dr. Neal Langerman, consultant to the stars

    Oh so true. 🙂