Chemical Safety on Saturday at #ACSAnaheim

I’m not in Anaheim for the ACS National Meeting, but SZ guest poster Russ Phifer is! He arrived early, in fact, to teach a training session on “How To Be A More Effective Chemical Hygiene Officer.” Here are a few of his observations from today.

Who knew we were going to be sharing the convention center with a thousand cheerleaders?…

As the weather has steadily warmed up and cleared, attendees have begun to arrive here in Anaheim. Early arrivals can enjoy the sunshine or begin diving immediately into a full technical program (pdf) for the Division of Chemical Health & Safety. An early highlight was a quick look at the “only existing” copy of the new 2011 edition of Prudent Practices in the Laboratory from the National Academies. Kathryn Hughes of the National Research Council has been closely guarding the only copy to make it to Anaheim, but she brought it along to the site of the CHAS Chemical Hygiene Officer workshop Saturday morning. I think readers will be happy with the new edition, which (finally) brings the Prudent Practices text into the 21st century. To put things in perspective, in 1994 when the previous edition was completed, the internet was in its infancy. Those interested in learning more about the new book should attend the Prudent Practices symposium on Tuesday morning.

The Division notes that attendance at workshops is markedly higher for this meeting, with a total registration of 25.

My effort to have a cheerleader crew come to provide an afternoon diversion for our workshop attendees went down in flames. I was able to find the cheerleaders easily, but getting last-minute approval for them to perform was more of a challenge. Maybe at another meeting…

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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