Chemical Safety on Monday at #ACSAnaheim

Another missive from the ACS National Meeting by WC Environmental‘s Russ Phifer, who spent part of today in the expo manning the booth of the ACS Division of Chemical Health & Safety and Committee on Chemical Safety.

It’s amazing how working a booth at the ACS Exposition can be wearing and exhilarating at the same time. No one likes a day full of glaring fluorescent lights and hard concrete floors, but the chance to talk to undergraduates about chemical safety is worth the effort. And today I spent a half hour with an Egyptian national talking about the opportunities for democracy in his country and the chance to institute environmental improvement (he also noted that the Arabic translation of Safety in Academic Laboratories would have been better if it had been stapled on the right side instead of the left). In roughly six hours, we get to meet almost 300 chemists, from the youngest undergraduates to the 50-year ACS members. It’s gratifying to know we’re doing something right and that chemical safety is becoming more than an afterthought.

That’s about it for my guest blogging from Anaheim. After giving a talk tomorrow on the new Prudent Practices in the Laboratory (finally!), I will take a long and hopefully safe trip back across country. The last ACS meeting I missed was when my youngest daughter was born; she turns 16 on Wednesday!

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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