Friday round-up

‘Twas a busy week back in the trenches after two weeks of (mostly) holiday. To kick off this week’s round-up, we’ll start with a new safety training video produced by Haim Weizman at the University of California, San Diego. It shows a faculty member (played by graduate student Andro Rios) modeling good safety management:

Now, chemical health and safety news from the past week:

Fires and explosions:

Leaks, spills, and other exposures:

  • One worker died and another was injured, seemingly from some sort of chemical exposure, when they were replacing a valve at an industrial site in South Africa
  • Phosgene at a factory in China, 62 workers affected, plus 200 children living near two battery factories have high lead levels in their blood
  • Ammonia, 6,000 lbs, from a House of Raeford turkey plant in North Carolina; one worker was briefly hospitalized and 800 nearby residents were evacuated
  • Some sort of acidic mixture at Sujata Chemicals in India; three injured
  • Sulfuric acid, 200 gal, at a hotel in Las Vegas; a passerby slipped and fell in the acid and is hospitalized
  • Ferrous chloride, 150 gal, at a sewage treatment system in Arizona
  • Potassium hydroxide, 5 gal, at a town water pumping station in Massachusetts
  • An agricultural pesticide, Temik, when hunting dogs got into a supply in South Carolina; an 11-year-old was hospitalized overnight, three adults were evaluated, and the dogs died; “details of why the pesticide was there and whether it was properly stored are under investigation”
  • Fluorescein in a river in Victoria, Canada (go look at the photo–it’s impressive!); possibly a prank
  • On roads and railways: Believe it or not, I turned up nothing this week–a few things overturned but nothing seemed to actually leak.

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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