Friday round-up

Before we get started, a topic for discussion: There’s a video here (click on “House fire worried one man the most”) that shows one of the neighbors of the explosives-laden house in San Diego county. He says that he heard about a half-dozen explosions coming from the house in the previous four months or so. Would you have called the police? The guy doesn’t say what he thought was going on.

Now moving on to our usual collection of chemical health and safety news from the past week:

Fires and explosions:

Leaks, spills, and other exposures:

  • Can you imagine buying a new home and then discovering 13 Mason jars full of mercury? “Troy police and fire officers from the hazmat team responded and tested the air in the home and determined that it exceeded safe levels and was unsafe for human occupancy.”
  • Anyhdrous ammonia in Minnesota; 200 gallons, resulting in 50 people hospitalized and 1,000 evacuated
  • Sulfuric and chromic acids at Gardner Aerospace, in the U.K.
  • Mercury at an abandoned wastewater treatment plant in the U.K.; it has been used as a bearing lubricant in an aeration arm of a settling tank
  • A shelf of chemicals in a safety cabinet in the genome sciences building at the University of Washington, when the shelf broke; about 6 L of stuff mixed together and one person wound up in a safety shower
  • Tetrahydrofuran at the Unviersity of South Carolina
  • Ammonium hydroxide at Kansas University
  • On roads and railways: magnesium bisulfite, drilling fluid, methanol, sulfuric acid

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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