Friday round-up

Your humble blogger (center left, wearing a green sweater) got to check out a firing chamber for explosives research at LLNL this week. In the foreground is a mock-up of an experimental set-up.

My apology for the quiet space around here this week–I was sick, visiting Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s High Explosives Applications Facility, sick again (not LLNL’s fault!), and playing catch-up. But we’ve got two weeks’ worth of chemical health and safety news to cover, so without further ado:

Fires and explosions

Leaks, spills, and other exposures:

  • Boiling nitric acid at Laboratory Testing in Pennsylvania: a lab employee “was working with nitric acid and had some type of boil over in the container she was working in, and it splashed her on the head… She did have safety glasses on when it happened, and that probably saved her a lot more pain and agony”
  • Monomethylamine from a rail car at a DuPont plant in West Virginia: two employees were sent to hospital for evaluation
  • Propylene amine from Dixie Chemical in Texas
  • Ethylene from Exxon Mobil in Louisiana
  • Perchlorate contaminating drinking water in Barstow, Calif.: the source hasn’t been pinpointed but news stories are pointing fingers at a former fireworks company
  • Hydrofluoric acid from a Honeywell plant in Ontario, Canada

And those are just the links I collected. I didn’t even go through the DCHAS Pinboard collection this week.

Photo credit: Bob Hirschfeld/LLNL

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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