Battle of the videos: Handling pyrophoric reagents

Whoops, sorry folks. Not sure what happened there–the post was fine when it first went up, then was gone the next time I checked the blog.

Let’s have a little video contest, shall we? I’m aware of three videos for handling of pyrophoric materials: One each from the University of California Los Angeles and San Diego campuses, plus another from Yale University. The poll below will allow you to vote on your favorite. Comments are open if you’d like to explain your choice!

Sorry, links only, since 2/3 videos won’t allow me to embed:

Which pyrophoric-handling video do you like best?

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. I was somewhat surprised to find that in all of these videos, it is recommended that one place a cannula first into the pyrophoric reagent bottle and then into the reaction apparatus. I was taught that you should do it the other way around. That way, if you push the cannula into the bottle too far, you don’t accidentally spray the reagent into the air.

  2. Note that in the UCSD video the woman’s name is Gidget. How appropriate for a California institution.