Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles

Chemjobber challenged us to list our favorite things about chemistry. We promptly passed the buck and asked Neal Langerman, founder of consulting company Advanced Chemical Safety, if he’d be willing to list his favorite things about chemical safety. He kindly obliged.

A few of Neal’s favorite things about chemical safety:

1.“But we’ve always done it that way”
2. Helping people realize that using chemicals around the house is higher risk than using them at work
3. Challenging opposing attorneys with undergraduate level chemistry during trial
4. Solving interesting chemical mysteries that seem to appear out of nowhere (“nothing has been changed”)
5. Answering the phone and hearing “I have this stuff that I want to know what it is…”
6. Presenting a MSDS for chocolate, milk or water
7. Reading chemical/chemistry blunders in the media
8. Visiting a laboratory with a really well-run safety program
9. Doing hot reaction demos – brake fluid and calcium hypochlorite
10. Making the world safe for “ions, molecules, and free radicals”

We’d welcome other health & safety professionals to add their favorite things in the comments!

(Azmanam is keeping track of the lists this meme has generated, so check out his post if you’re curious to see others’ favorite chemistry things.)

Author: Jyllian Kemsley

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  1. Excellent choice for author. #6 is excellent.

  2. ok, if you’re collecting chemistry safety favorites, here’s mine:

    “the goggle lobotomy scar.” After many hours of wearing goggles, that red indent on the forehead that never completely seems to go away. Tells the world “when I distill, I do it SAFELY!”

  3. A couple of my favorites:

    That’s not a chemical, I can buy it at walmart.
    But I get a discount if I buy it by the case.

  4. I’m a safety manager at a small chemical company. I did aviation safety for 16 years.

    I would add these:
    * I love chem safety because I don’t have to tell your wife, husband,girlfriend, or boyfriend how you died.
    * If you won’t take the time to wear your PPE, then how good is your chemistry really? How many reactions have failed on You?!
    * If you follow the lab rules then I don’t have to interview you in the ER to get a witness statement for OSHA.
    * No explosions is a really great day!
    * Housekeeping!?, You mean you really want to clean your Hood?!!-double this chemist’s pay and give him the day off!