LaMattina & Breslow to Talk Future of Pharma

We wanted to point Haystack readers to an upcoming event hosted in conjunction with our parent organization, the American Chemical Society, and Société de Chemie Industrielle: On September 14, our own Rudy Baum will moderate a panel discussion between former Pfizer R&D head John LaMattina and Columbia University chemistry professor Ron Breslow. The topic? “New Business Paradigms for Pharmaceutical Companies.” If the lively discussion today on twitter over the arrival of the “niche blockbuster” (or as Chemjobber coined “nichebuster”) model for pharma is any indication, folks are pretty interested in how drug firms are going to survive in a post-blockbuster era. For those living in the NY/NJ area, you can witness what is sure to be some great banter in person; for everyone else, feel free to sign up for the webcast.

Author: Lisa Jarvis

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