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  1. Bill Sardi
    December 1, 2010 • 8:24 pm

    What happened to the fascinating idea of an anti-aging pill? OK, they have molecules that rev up metabolism and deal with metabolic syndrome — that makes it a drug. Not sure an anti-aging pill can ever be a drug because of its high price. An anti-aging pill would be for the masses (can’t imagine the problem of only the wealthy affording such a pill if it materialized). Tne French have more centenarians per capita than any other country, which is attributed to their consumption of red wine. Roger Corder of the William Harvey Research Institute in the UK, and author of the WINE DIET, believes it is the total polyphenols, not just resveratrol, that is responsible for the lower mortality rates among wine drinkers. There is only 1 mg of resveratrol at best in a 5-oz glass of red wine. But there are 60 mg of total polyphenols. 3-to-5 glasses is the optimal health intake range, providing 180-300 mg polyphenols. Remove the alcohol and consolidate the red wine solids into a pill and it should confer longevity, maybe even better and certainly safer than wine.

  2. anon
    December 5, 2010 • 8:05 pm

    “In other words, it seems to be causing weight loss in animal models. Further, he added, that weight loss was not linked to eating less, rather to enabling the animal to use energy more efficiently.”

    This is wrong. A pill that does not decrease food intake and increases energy efficiency will cause weight gain. Think about it.

    Good to see more stellar science coming from Sirtris.

  3. Robert L Shirley, M.D.
    December 16, 2010 • 6:56 pm

    Robert Casper from Toronto has shown that resveratrol blocks the human cell- receptor for dioxin … while working on his sabatical in Paris. Does SK know this?

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