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  1. Chaos
    Nov 17 - 11:59 am

    Nothing surprising here, I mean we have been there and done that. As some one who worked for the major pharmaceutical company and has been tracking this and other development over the years, we all knew this was coming. Previously, we have been exposed to combinatorial synthesis, library design etc. and when all the noise died down, nothing was heard. This such as library design, gene silencing (translation-siRNA) are only tool to discover drugs. If Roche is doing this, Merck can not be far behind and they have lot more $$$$ at stake. Unless one finds an efficient and a cheap way to deliver the siRNA drugs all the way to the nucleus of the cell, success is not assured even if we have the proof of concept molecule for a given disease.

  2. Taher nassar
    Dec 01 - 11:39 pm

    A 5000 global employee without job now

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