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  1. David Kroll
    Nov 19 - 5:46 pm

    Carmen, thanks a ton for the link love – the C&EN graphic is lovely and you added some very important information on dosing schedules and mechanisms of clearance. Did they teach you pharmacokinetics in that chemistry program you went to??? I didn’t know that you chemists even knew what a kidney looked like.

    Total serendipity to see the news on the apixaban trial last night so I figured that it was worth a short follow-up. It’s a fascinating field, especially since warfarin has been the gold standard for an amazing length of time.

  2. Carmen Drahl
    Nov 19 - 6:07 pm

    Thanks David! Re pharmacokinetics: I heard a little about it in grad school at guest lectures, or on the rare occasion when I visited a company. But that’s the cool thing about this gig- as I get to chat with the folks who are developing these drugs and the physicians and academics who may use them in their practices or research, I’ll keep learning more…

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