Ask Your Doctor How To Make A Pharma Commercial

Things are winding down here at The Haystack in anticipation of the long Labor Day weekend. But I thought I’d share a video of a Pfizer commercial from Canada that caught my eye- it’s part of an in-depth post at PhD biochemist Jovana J. Grbic’s ScriptPhD blog, which is all about the intersections of research, pop culture, and the media.

I’ll leave the in-depth analysis to ScriptPhD, but I thought this commercial played out like a mini-movie. I wonder what kind of feedback Pfizer will get on this “More Than Medication” campaign.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. Carmen, that is AWESOME and ScriptPhD’s analysis and interview with the creative director very, very thoughtful. Most interesting in the discussion is how this emotional, film approach might be a lesson for other areas of science and medical communications.

    I’m struck that the campaign is in Canada and decidedly not in the US. Is it because we lack the attention span for such beautiful cinema?