An Invitation: Tell Us About Yourself

This post is the 100th we've written for The Haystack. So in celebration, we thought we'd try something a little different. We're here because we dig the chemistry and the business behind the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. But we know very little about why you're here. And we'd like to be sure we're giving you what you are looking for. So we're asking for your help. It's a plea that bloggers we admire (Ed Yong and many more) have put out many times before. Tell us about you. Even (and especially) if you've never commented here before. Do you or have you ever worked for a pharma company or biotech? Do you have a scientific background? Maybe you're more of a writer, investor, or businessperson. Feel free to say as much or as little as you like. Tell us what you think of The Haystack. We've been blogging here for nearly 6 months, and that's a good point to reflect on what we're doing well and what we can do better. How did you find us, and if you're a regular reader, what made you decide to stick around? What kinds of posts do you enjoy? What would you like to see less of? Use the space in the comments to tell us what's on your mind- the questions I've written are only a guide. Or for those not prone to public comment, feel free to email us (Lisa Lisa or CarmenCarmen) directly.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. Hi… I will get the ball rolling. I am currently a Professor of medicinal chemistry, after 10+ years in big & medium pharma drug discovery, tiptoeing around numerous mergers, acquisitions, relocations, and “downsizings” before actually finding myself out of work due to a merger 5 years ago.

    I enjoy checking this site and several other blog sites regularly, for the quality of writing and info about emerging areas that might be beyond by normal attention. In research we get very tunnel-visioned sometimes. I originally found you, and many other blogs, through the links at Derek Lowe’s “In the Pipeline” which is a go-to blog for a chemistry perspective on the industry.

    I don’t know how to foster more activity in the comments, but that is one thing that adds value at Derek’s site and is very informative.

    I think that you do a good job in giving us snapshots of developments in drug discovery, and you are permanently in my bookmarked favorites list.

  2. The pharma news is always useful, the ongoing look at obesity drugs is fascinating and I appreciate the effort to make clinical results understandable. I look forward to many, many more posts!