ACS Livetweeting: First Disclosures And Pharma Blog Panel

Apologies for the scant posting this week. I am wrapping up a cover story on a drug discovery topic for the August 16th issue. More on that when the issue is published. The Boston ACS meeting is coming up in just two weeks and both Lisa and I will be in attendance. We'll be blogging and tweeting about any sessions that catch our eye. But two sessions are definitely on the schedule: MEDI: First Time Disclosure of Clinical Candidates Sunday August 22, 2PM-4:30PM Eastern This session, where companies reveal the chemical structure and medicinal chemistry story of compounds in clinical trials, is usually held at spring national meetings. But it's back this fall by popular demand. I am unable to attend this session, so I can't tweet like I did last time. But Leigh Boerner of Just Another Electron Pusher has graciously stepped in to tweet in my stead. You can follow her on Twitter (@leighjkboerner), but her tweets will also appear here at the Haystack. We'll be using the hashtag #acsmedi. MEDI: Lunch and Learn Case Study: Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Blogging Tuesday August 24, 12PM-2PM Eastern This is the chemistry/pharma blog mini-symposium I'm moderating. (As a reminder, the panelists are Michael Tarselli, Ed Silverman, David Kroll, and Derek Lowe). Lisa Jarvis will be tweeting the event live. You can follow her here on the blog, on Twitter (@lisamjarvis), or on my FriendFeed account. Finally, last week I came up with a survey so that folks who can't be in Boston can ask questions to the blog panelists. I haven't had many questions come in, so I'm sending out the link to the survey again. If you have a question for any or all of the panelists, please take a moment to submit it. I'll try to ask the best questions myself at the panel.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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