Pharma and Chemistry Blog Panel Discussion 8/24 #acsboston

We now interrupt the steady stream of pharma news for a small announcement. If you'll be in in Boston late this August, I think you might enjoy going to a mini-symposium and panel discussion about the chemistry and pharma blogosphere, happening at the Fall ACS meeting. The panelists are a great cross-section of academia, industry, and media: Derek Lowe, In the Pipeline, @Dereklowe David Kroll, Terra Sigillata, @abelpharmboy Ed Silverman, Pharmalot, @pharmalot Michael Tarselli, Scripps Florida These folks will each give a short talk, but the real highlight here is the panel. I'd love for people to show up with great questions. Want to talk about how blogs are playing a role in discussing layoffs and employment? How about the trickiness to promoting new drugs on the web? Or what role new media should have in critiquing papers? The panel's as good a time as any to bring those issues up. I'll be moderating the event, which is slated for Tuesday, August 24, from 12 noon till 2PM in the Boston Convention Center, Ballroom West. It costs $16 to sign up for the session, which includes lunch. You can register for the event at the main ACS meeting registration site here. It is listed as the MEDI Lunch and Learn/Ticket No. SE 19. Get more information about the event from this promo flyer. FYI - today's the last day to register early (read: at the discounted price) for the Fall ACS Meeting.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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