Orexigen’s Obesity Drug Candidate Contrave Gets 12/7 FDA Review Date

Mark December 7, 2010 on your obesity drug watch calendar. Orexigen Therapeutics has just announced that on that date, an advisory committee at FDA is tentatively set to review the company's new drug application for its obesity drug candidate, Contrave. Symbolically, I can imagine folks might've preferred a different date. December 7, is, after all, best remembered as a day that will live in infamy. But the December date is good for Orexigen in other ways. It's much later than July 15, when FDA is set to evaluate Vivus's experimental obesity drug Qnexa. We've already written about Orexigen's opportunities to learn from its competitors. Here's more of what we've written before about Contrave.
Contrave, like Qnexa, is a combination of two drugs already on the market, bupropion and naltrexone. As we explained in 2009, Orexigen’s developed a sustained-release formulation of those active ingredients. This is thought to alleviate the nausea that cropped up in clinical trials, but also could come in handy in terms of real-world prescriptions if the drug is approved. People might want to save money by taking the generic versions of Contrave’s two components but it isn’t clear how that would work for them.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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