High Level Meeting Interview with Prime Minister of Ethiopia

This post is part of a series by guest bloggers Anthony Tomaine and Leah Block, senior chemistry students attending the COP16 conference in Cancun under the sponsorship of the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement.

At the talk “High-Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing” there were many points addressed.  At the start the Secretary-General’s Report was issued to all who attended.  It was then referred to as the “leg work” already completed and this meeting was just to provide an overview of what is being suggested and to give all in attendance a chance to voice their opinions.

After the question and answer session at the closing of the talk, Anthony and I were lucky enough to get a brief statement from the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to reach out to all youths.  We identified ourselves as students reporting from America and we got him on tape stating that our youth is going to play a large role in climate change policy.  He also stated that the use of new technologies will aid in preventing a cataclysmic disaster.

Author: leahblock

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  1. I think that it was wonderful that you guys had a chance to speak with the prime minister on such a very serious topic. I agree that it is up to the younger generations to make a difference. It is very important that our generation is very wise about how we use and save our finances, because like the prime minster said, new technologies will help to rid of major disasters.

  2. Wow, that’s awesome that you got to speak to the Prime Minister. He is correct that technology will help averting major disaters. He is also correct that we, the younger generation, will be a big factor in fixing this problem that was handed to us by our parents and grandparents. Again, I’m glad that you are getting the chance to experience this. I can’t wait to hear the stories when you get back.

  3. I’m just curious in all of your time talking to the prime minister when he was talking about new technologies aiding in preventing a disaster did he mention what the general public is doing now with different go green projects? While you were there were there any statistics that showed any change from the changes we’ve already made? I’m just curious as to know whether or not the small changes we are making now are trully beneficial?

  4. I’m so proud of you and Anthony! To be able to talk to the Prime minister is an honor and to say that you two accomplished that is a great goal to have reached while you have been in Cancun. We should all think deep into what he stated about how we, the younger generation, will be a huge factor in fixing this problem and hopefully we will be able to conquer this issue at a faster pace so it is not considered a global problem. Has there been any other conclusions on if the small changes we are attempting is actually working?