Cancun: We’re Here!

This post is part of a series by guest bloggers Anthony Tomaine and Leah Block, senior chemistry students attending the COP16 conference in Cancun under the sponsorship of the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement. Greetings from Cancun, Mexico!  Today we traveled down from Baltimore, Maryland to Charlotte, North Carolina, to finally arrive in Cancun.  Slightly problematic events prevailed as we encountered issues during flights and troubles with our professors obtaining their UN press pass; nothing comes easy. Anticipating cavernous lines, intense humidity, and the scorching sun, we set out Sunday night to obtain our NGO passes, hoping to avoid the weather hazards.  We headed to the Cancunmesse - main site of the conference - and to our surprise; we were able to avoid all long lines and were attended to very quickly. After gathering our passes, we headed into the NGO booth area.  Standing in the empty hall gave us time to observe the setup and get an idea of what to expect and what we want to accomplish.  We hope to tell the “behind-the-scene” stories of the major events, all through our eyes as undergraduate chemistry majors.  Join us on this incredible journey though the last week of COP16/CMP6 and continue to leave your comments; they are greatly appreciated.

Author: leahblock

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  1. I think its so great having you guys down there to represent york college! Im excited to hear about how things go, and I hope you guys take a minute through this and remember how lucky you are and how proud you should be

  2. What a great experience! Keep those blogs coming!

  3. Great! Please post wonderful stories

  4. I am excited to hear about these oh so important issues through the eyes and ears of the Future !!

    It is gratifying to know that today’s youth is aware and involved in the world.

  5. It is great to hear that you were able to avoid the lines, that airport is empty! I am excited to hear about the issues discussed in the conference. It must feel incredible to be involved in something like this.

  6. Great to see you guys made it. Its exciting to have you guys represent York College and keep the stories coming.

  7. I would just like to say Congratulations! I can imagine it is a great honor to be down there in Cancun, being from York College! Dr. Peterman has told us a lot about the trip down there! He is extremely proud, as am I! Thank You for representing our college!! It is good to keep our youth informed about the environment!

  8. In spite of the complications, gald to see that you guys made it in one piece to the conference. You guys are really ambitious for going to cancun and making our school proud. I appreciate all you are doing and I look forward to hearing more information about your experiences.