Climate Change Through The Eyes of Undergraduate Chemistry Majors

This post is part of a series by guest bloggers Anthony Tomaine and Leah Block, senior chemistry students attending the COP16 conference in Cancun under the sponsorship of the ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement. From the sixth floor of the American Chemistry Society headquarters in Washington, D.C., we are undergraduate reporters posting our first blog from the home of C&EN.  Our names are Anthony Tomaine and Leah Block and we are honored to receive such significant credentials--UN accreditation to attend an international climate conference as well as press credentials from C&EN.  We are both senior chemistry majors at York College of Pennsylvania (YCP) and we will be reporting about the issues and events leading up to and at the UN COP16 climate conference in Cancun, Mexico.
Block and Tomaine

Block (left) and Tomaine on a visit to Washington, D.C.

As undergraduate reporters, the journey to receive UN accreditation has already been an incredible experience, one that we treasure greatly.  Being from a moderate-sized college in the small city of York, we never dreamed that this opportunity would be presented with such vital and unique potential.  In essence, the purpose of our blog will be to assist our readers in understanding what is being presented at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change 16th Conference of Parties (COP16), through the eyes of an undergraduate chemistry major.  We will be reporting on the events that occur at the conference, as well as interviewing scientists, official delegates, policy makers, climate change activists, and perhaps even climate change skeptics on their inputs and concerns related to the environment and sustainability.  We also plan to observe civil society and other NGO’s who are not officially accredited by the UN.  In attending this conference, our main efforts will be to explore the facts and stated interpretations from scientists, policy makers, and others in order to present them to you, the readers. We invite you to join us on this journey and encourage you to participate by posting your comments on this blog.  Think on these things; chemistry happens.

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  1. Hey. You’re not Rudy. And you’re not Maureen!

    What have you done with the editors???

  2. It’s all right, David. They’re guests of the editors.

  3. Hey guys, I’m really glad for you and hope you enjoy your experience. Climate change has been a huge topic for the last couple of years. For you two to go down and talk about it amoung the top ranked officials all over the world will be a wonderful experience. I hope you enjoy your time there and learn a lot along the way. Can’t wait to speak with all of you when your in Cancun.