Notes From A Latin American Meeting

Back on March 25, I attended the Petrochemical Networking Meeting in Houston, put on by the Latin American focused chemical consulting groups Intellichem and Maxiquim. It attracts many of the Latin American executives that are in the state for the CMAI conference and NPRA. I picked up a few bits of information from the presentations: 1) Otávio Carvalho, managing director of MaxiQuim, gave a talk on the Brazilian economy. He pointed out that since 2004, Brazilian unemployment dropped from about 13% down to about 6%. “In the future, it will be difficult to find people to work in your companies,” he said. In addition, 30 million people exited poverty and entered the middle class over the last five years. Who would have thought a decade ago that Brazil would have made such a transition by now? 2) Javier Constante, commercial director of performance plastics in Latin America for Dow Chemical, spoke at the gathering. For the first couple of slides, I was worried that I would suffer through a run of the mill marketing oriented talk. I was wrong. It turned out that Javier is a very bright thinker on the very nature of technology. “Do we ever ask ourselves what is wrong with the computer that is sitting in front of you or the packaging that you are using? When you ask yourself these kinds of questions, then you can begin innovating.” So True. Remember how normal life seemed in the 80s? 3) Constante also noted in the Q&A session that Dow was going to move forward with its plan to build a polyethylene plant in Brazil using ethylene derived from ethanol. The plant, he said, would have 350,000 metric tons per year of LLDPE capacity based on Dow’s solution process. It would start up in 2014. “In the coming weeks, we’ll have some kind of announcement,” he said. He also noted that Dow is in discussions with a new feedstock partner for the plant. (This project languished because its first partner—Crystalsev—dropped out.) This coming announcement, I would think, will be a new agreement with a new partner. 4) Rui Chammas, executive five president for Braskem’s polymers division, gave an update on Braskem’s project with Pequiven in Venezuela. He said the ethylene/polyethylene project is “on hold”, noting that Braskem is still in discussions with the Venezuelan government on raw materials. He said that the polypropylene project is “more advanced” though there are still talks around location, etc. I think that Rui was just too diplomatic to pronounce the projects dead in front of a room full of people. Venezuela, as a country, is showing very little upside nowadays.

Author: Alex Tullo

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