Chemical Notebook Is Hitting The Road

I’m headed to Düsseldorf this week for the massive plastics and rubber show, the K Fair. I have some 22 press conferences, events, and interviews scheduled, and I’ll blog about some of those this week. Next month, I plan on attending a two-day meeting put on by the Chemical Development And Marketing Association, Opportunities for Chemicals and Materials: Capitalizing on the Designer/Materials Interface. What CDMA is trying to accomplish with this and its other recent meetings is to have downstream OEMs like car companies give talks on what their material requirements are. Last year, I attended one on alternative energy, and for me, it yielded a story on concentrating solar power. This meeting will focus on automotive, sports, and medical devices and will have speakers from GM, Ford, Covidien, Easton-Bell, and Rawlings, among others. It will be held in a chemistry department lecture hall at the University of Pennsylvania. If you are in the neighborhood and there is still space in the rather small room available, it might be worth checking out.

Author: Alex Tullo

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