Chemicals As Seen On TV

Watching cable television you may have noticed the following commercial. It is always neat to see the chemical industry in the popular media. It is neater to impress your friends and family with what you know about the chemistry that appears on television. They might not be so interested. I tried rousing my little girl out of bed when the commercial came on. “Come on, Daddy, I have school tomorrow,” was her response. No fun at all. Anyhow, if you are curious: The Sasol-Huntsman plant is a maleic anhydride joint venture in Moers-Meerbeck, Germany. It has 60,000 metric tons of capacity, but it is being expanded by 45,000 metric tons in a project that will be completed next year. That would explain the giant thing rolling down the street. The plant is on the Neiderrhein. I don’t know why it wasn’t floated in via barge. Maybe the Neiderrhein isn’t deep enough to handle the displacement of such a big heavy thing. Maybe there were too many things in the way on the shore near the plant.

Author: Alex Tullo

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