Is A Kangaroo Chemical Company In The Works?

Dow Chemical CEO Andrew N. Liveris was visiting his home town of Darwin, Australia. While there, he apparently met with big wheels of Austalian government about building a $3 billion petrochemical project. He said the plan would be to upgrade offshore gas from the Timor Sea it into chemicals instead of exporting it as LNG. The article doesn’t specify where Liveris said all this, but it might have been on the balcony where the photo illustrating the article was taken. The plan is just in the idea phase, not really the memorandum of understanding or study phase, so it would take many years before it can possibly happen. And Dow has ethylene cracker projects in China, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Russia in various stages of planning. I remember the company also considered plants in Oman and even India that never materialized. Though, it really did get off a couple of recent expansions at existing facilities in Thailand and Kuwait. As for this Australian plant, maybe it is like when someone takes out a guitar at a party and a bunch of people start singing Three Dog Night songs together. Someone will invariably suggest they start a band. But they don’t normally start a band for real.

Author: Alex Tullo

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