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I can be reached via Gmail to abelpharmboy.

Yes, it’s “Abel” like in the Bible or, more accurately, after the American father of pharmacology, John Jacob Abel (PDF).

You can also find me on Twitter @DavidKroll.


  • Apr 18th 201106:04
    by jan-terje nilsen


    Hola John.
    I am a man living in norway. I have smoked thc for 25 years, and it`s ben
    a hell of a ride, du that its unlegall her in norway. Thanks to you and you work
    i finally manish to stop smoking that shit. I bougt 20 g of jwh-018 and just just when i needed it. Woud you say that jwh.018 is more harmless jusin than thc?

    Best regards
    Jan-Terje Nilsen

  • Aug 27th 201210:08
    by Giuseppe Amato


    HI David, what is the status with BIONOVO. I do live in Switzerland and it is difficult to get any reliable news.
    How does the funding proceed and what are the chances that they can continue their Menerba tests.
    It would be a shame if the intellectual property would disappear because of liquidity issues

    Thank you for a short reply

    Best regards from Switzerland


  • Mar 31st 201321:03
    by john booth


    Dear sir, 30 years of researching terrasigillata , making ancient greek pottery from very fine nano silicates , clays. “sacred earth clay lozengers. a cure all. centre for the mind sydney university (Sidha doctor, report certain clays when ingested will boost the emmune system by creating new dna? the ancient neolithical isle of lemnos , the women made these lozengers of colloidal clay suspensions. as a potter , ancient pottery techniques reveal ancient metals use to. i collect and make my own colloidal suspensions , i have some on the shelf now . it takes me 6 months to have all the ferrites and borates settle. in the kiln firing this with pine tree oil and steam creates some wonderful sparkly colours greens to reds and blues it’s the aluminum. roger moorey oxford scholar , no more left us a paper on what he thought this pottery was. he called terrasigillata. low soda . cheers .

  • Apr 24th 201310:04
    by Ruth Bucsh


    My daughter and I will be in the area in May for the Duke TIP awards. What are the best museums/science centers in the area to see? She loves genetics and physics. I trained in med chem many years ago.

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