Lefkowitz IndyWeek Outtakes

The 9 January 2013 edition of the Research Triangle area's alternative weekly newspaper, INDY Week. Photo: D.L. Anderson/INDY Week. Click on the photo to go the online article.

I was fortunate to be able to tell the story of Duke University biochemist and cardiologist Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz in the 9 January 2013 issue of the Research Triangle's award-winning alt-weekly, INDY Week. Even with editor Lisa Sorg graciously offering 3,000+ words for the story on one of the 2012 Nobel laureates in chemistry, some terrific bits of my interviews with Bob and major players in his story didn't make it into the final version. Over the next few days, I'll post some of these gems. This page will index the running list of those posts. The Nobel's Great, But Take a Look at This! - Lefkowitz reveals where Duke men's basketball sits in his list of priorities  

Author: David Kroll

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  1. I await more outtakes, David. And to those who are reading this comment but haven’t looked at the story, what’re you waiting for? It’s a great read.