Cristy Gelling: Pittsburgh Postdoc, Premier Poet

I just received a nice bit of news from my alumni Facebook page of the Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop which I took last summer with C&EN colleague, Lauren Wolf. Turns out that our classmate Cristy Gelling has been recognized by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) as the editor's choice winner of their "Science in Stanzas" poetry competition. The competition was launched by Angela Hopp, Editor of ASBMB Today, and to recognize the other types of creativity possessed by scientists attending the upcoming Experimental Biology 2012 meeting in San Diego starting next weekend (April 21-25). The judges were themselves rather accomplished poets and humorists in science. Gelling's lovely poem is entitled, "Consistent with this, cell extracts from the iba57Δ strain showed virtually no aconitase activity (Fig. 2A)," and is only slightly longer than the title.

Cristy Gelling at Bandolier National Park, New Mexico. Credit: Ashley Luthern

Cristy is currently a postdoc at the University of Pittsburgh studying alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. She's been in the States since she earned her PhD at the University of New South Wales, Australia, in 2008 for work on a maturation factor in iron-sulfur enzymes like aconitase. Gelling also blogs at The Blobologist and was recently named an editor for, a curated aggregator of the best in science blogging. So as to drive as much traffic as possible to the ASBMB site, I am telling you to go to the link here to read Cristy's work of art. And while you're at it, go to these links to see and read the works of all of the prize winners: First place: Lost in Translation, Andrew Brown Second place: Angiogenesis, Cheryl Ainslie-Waldman Third place: Ode to the Lab, Jesus Manuel Ayala Figueroa Honorable mention: Song of Sanger, Gail S. Begley Honorable mention: How ... Understanding, Karen Hecht

Author: David Kroll

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  1. OMG David, you are so awesome!!! Thanks for the very kind words, and for linking to the other science poems. Also, that is my all-time favourite t-shirt.


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