2011: The year in blog numbers

Well, we're right about at the end of 2011 and it's time to thank you find readers for checking in with us throughout the year. We're slowly rebuilding our momentum here at CENtral Science since moving from ScienceBlogs and were just shy of 90,000 visits for the year. Many of our colleagues get that many each month or week, and a few even each day. Still, we're very happy that you take time to read here - we consider our readers to be top-quality - brilliant, creative, good-looking, and they even smell good, too! I'll take 90,000 of you folks any day over millions of other less desirable readers. I can't resist the temptation to put up our year-end traffic report since I have the data available and I just love data sets. In addition, I find it interesting to see what topics garnered the greatest traffic. Below, I've put up the list of posts that received 100 or more views. The homepage is obviously the first because of those who have us saved as a browser bookmark. But, no surprise, our major topic of interest overall was synthetic marijuana and other until-recently-legal high such as "bath salts." But ranking quite highly were our posts on dietary supplements containing aromatase inhibitors for bodybuilding and the newly-approved natural product analog for multiple sclerosis, fingolimod (Gilenya).
Title Views
Home page More stats 18,563
DEA already admits defeat on synthetic marijuana ban? More stats 10,400
Flurry of FDA action against aromatase inhibitor supplements More stats 5,970
What’s the buzz?: Synthetic marijuana, K2, Spice, JWH-018 More stats 5,373
“Synthetic marijuana” chemist John W. Huffman interviewed on regional NPR program More stats 2,856
iAroma synthetic marijuana and the loss of Max Dobner More stats 2,456
K2 Synthetic Marijuana: Heart Attacks, Suicides, and Surveillance More stats 1,853
Fingolimod (Gilenya; Novartis) for Multiple Sclerosis More stats 1,775
NC legislators aim to clean up “bath salt” omission More stats 1,737
David Nichols, legal highs, and the social responsibilities of the scientist More stats 1,611
Compilation of synthetic marijuana posts More stats 1,510
Mephedrone in the U.S. More stats 1,465
NIH biosketch change as “Kick Me” sign? More stats 1,150
Strong chemistry in NC bills banning legal highs More stats 1,121
Ch-ch-ch-ch, Changes More stats 1,093
Skin-bleaching: got mercury? More stats 909
Who decides what’s an analog of a controlled substance? More stats 843
About David More stats 753
Poppy seed tea can kill you (repost) More stats 752
Mike Kastan to lead Duke Cancer Institute More stats 741
GSK to sell iconic Elion-Hitchings building More stats 675
The Future of Chemistry Jobs – Keep Reading and Commenting More stats 670
Real-life NCIS: USNA midshipmen expelled for K2 Spice distribution ring More stats 617
Synthetic marijuana for pharmacists More stats 587
Racism charged in DePaul chemistry tenure denial More stats 540
#icanhazpdf: Civil disobedience? More stats 533
Norman R. Farnsworth, grandaddy of medicinal plant research, passes at 81 More stats 521
Intravenous Milk Thistle for Mushroom Poisoning More stats 520
Quintiles’ Dennis Gillings Profiled in Forbes More stats 487
Amy Winehouse found dead in London More stats 484
On being a teenager with high-powered science & medicine parents More stats 483
Apixaban trial halted, eight others continue More stats 471
Winners in The Henrietta Lacks Foundation design contest More stats 454
Herbal supplement interactions with prescription meds for “heart problems” More stats 444
Vicks VapoRub PR Fail More stats 442
Capitalization guide for academic degrees More stats 441
Quinetta Shelby “exhibiting the utmost class” in finishing at DePaul More stats 423
Kitchen Chemistry: Rose Jelly. Sweet! More stats 414
Open-access: ACS honors African American chemists for Black History Month More stats 410
Amy Harmon’s “Navigating Love and Autism” More stats 390
Welcome Scientific American Blog Network! More stats 373
What does Jonathan Sweedler think of bloggers? #scio12 More stats 371
IYC launch: All in all, I’d rather be in Philadelphia More stats 368
Top 10 most-read posts of July More stats 368
SciAm blog network follow-up More stats 361
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010: Remembering Mizoroki More stats 358
CENtral Science, represent! More stats 357
Molecular Target for Thunder God Vine More stats 351
David Nichols with chemist blogger Andrea Sella on BBC4 IYC programme More stats 350
Why Terra Sigillata? More stats 343
Thoughts are with Shaw University More stats 329
Call For Social Media Success Stories in Academia More stats 327
Twitter for Scientific Meetings More stats 326
Naturally Toxic Crowdsourcing More stats 315
DrugMonkey in New York Times profile of NIDA director, Nora Volkow More stats 300
On journalists copy-checking with scientist sources More stats 298
Blood Clotting and Benzamidine More stats 289
Graduate training: Choosing a n00b vs. a greybeard More stats 281
Bummer SNP doesn’t mix with beer for gastric cancer risk More stats 275
“The current phenomenon of ‘bloggers’ should be of serious concern to scientists” More stats 268
Eating Dirt and Terra Sigillata More stats 264
DEA acts on naphthoylindoles and 3-phenylcyclohexanols in synthetic marijuana More stats 262
Great scientists: biochembelle on the Haber-Bosch process More stats 258
“Pick A Powder” RIP? More stats 246
LGBT in the Chemical Sciences: Outstanding Feature by Linda Wang More stats 243
“Alex, I’ll take ‘Public Chemistry Literacy’ for $1,000″ More stats 238
Reddit AMA with Neil deGrasse Tyson More stats 235
The Wacky World of Drug Discovery More stats 208
HeLa T-shirt and button design contest More stats 206
FDA Withdraws Avastin Approval for Breast Cancer More stats 204
Post-publication peer review in public: poison or progress? More stats 203
The Right Chemistry More stats 203
Bryostatins: Panacea? More stats 200
Most important lessons learned from a teacher More stats 182
Terra what? More stats 175
1st Anniversary at CENtral Science! More stats 173
NCCU Dinner with Discoverers: Chemist, Dr. Mansukh Wani More stats 161
Synthetic marijuana interview by Dirk Hanson, The Chemical Carousel More stats 158
Terra Sig In the News (Hi, Mom!) More stats 155
News & Observer tweet-up: my newspaper groks it More stats 150
Arsenic-permissive bacteria – implications for arsenical cancer chemotherapy More stats 148
Radiochem query in the school parking lot More stats 148
An apology to my readers More stats 138
More on LGBT in the workplace More stats 136
NIGMS proud of support for chemistry More stats 132
Drugs of Abuse Tag-Team at Skeptically Speaking More stats 130
BMJ meta-analysis: Reboxetine “an ineffective and potentially harmful antidepressant” More stats 130
Remembering Challenger… More stats 129
Joint ACS/AACR meeting on biological chemistry of inflammation in cancer More stats 129
If you can’t attract a bear with honey, use watermelon More stats 128
Elegant defense of the humanities by noted structural biologist More stats 116
Not Miley Cyrus: A small human trial of salvinorin A More stats 116
Go. Dream. Read. More stats 113
Ooooh, shiny! The new C&EN Mobile iPhone/iPad app More stats 102
Minority Student Success with NOBCChE More stats 101
Good news in University of Colorado chemical accident More stats 100
  It's funny to see the list, including a few posts I forgot I had written. Some surprise me that they were so highly read, such as the post announcing that physician-scientist Mike Kastan was joining Duke as their cancer institute director. Others, such as the discussion of the FDA withdrawal of approval for Avastin in breast cancer, was a post I thought rank more highly. You never can tell I guess. What's also cool to see is the list of search terms that brought readers here who aren't our regular crowd - again, search terms that brought 100 or more visits during 2011:
Search Views
synthetic marijuana 3,020
aromatase inhibitors 1,766
aromatase inhibitor 773
mephedrone 513
ochronosis 346
nih biosketch 332
john w huffman 309
john w. huffman 304
synthetic marijuana-like drug ban nc 298
aromatase 287
gilenya 271
synthetic marijuana-like drug deaths 258
apixaban 232
aromatase inhibitors for men 208
terra sigillata 201
michael kastan 187
david nichols 183
synthetic marijuana-like drug testing 169
dennis gillings 167
synthetic marijuana ban 156
iaroma 151
estrogen inhibitors 151
aromatase inhibitors supplements 150
fingolimod 143
k2 synthetic marijuana 111
henrietta lacks foundation 110
gilenya reviews 105
  Well, enough numbers for now.   Thank you for reading throughout 2011. We hope to bring you some more interesting topics in 2012!

Author: David Kroll

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  1. Oh dear. Marijuana is very popular, but Good news is dead last in # of views.