K2 Synthetic Marijuana: Heart Attacks, Suicides, and Surveillance

ResearchBlogging.org Sixteen-year-old boys having heart attacks. Blog reports of deaths and suicides. And a little known chemistry and public health resource mobilized to identify "legal highs." The chemical and biological phenomenon that is "synthetic marijuana" continued to develop over the last week as we learn more about these products from the medical and public health communities. Most notably, pediatric cardiologists reported in the journal Pediatrics on three cases of Texas teenagers who experienced myocardial infarctions - heart attacks - after using a synthetic marijuana product (DOI: 10.1542/peds.2010-3823). (Many thanks to Dr. Ivan Oransky, Executive Editor at Reuters Health, for providing us with primary information after their own excellent report by Frederik Joelving). Brief background Sold under names like K2 or Spice as "incense" or "potpourri" and labeled as "not intended for human consumption," these products are laced with one or more synthetic psychoactive compounds that were published in 1990s work studying structure-activity relationships on cannabinoid receptors. The vast majority of the synthetic work was done in the laboratory of Dr. John W. Huffman, now professor emeritus of the Department of Chemistry at Clemson University, with his compounds know by "JWH-" nomenclature. The US Drug Enforcement Agency secured emergency prohibition of five of these compounds late last year, spurring "legal highs" manufacturers to reformulate second-generation Spice products containing related compounds not explicitly designated as illegal. Although the DEA does have the authority to prosecute sale and possession of these analogs, such action is rare. To learn more, we've put together a compilation of our synthetic marijuana posts for the reader's further reference. Adolescent heart attacks In this week's advance Pediatrics publication, the three cases - all in 16-year-old boys - were seen at the UT-Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas within three months of one another. The common presentation was a 3- to 7-day history of chest pain with myocardial infarction confirmed by electrocardiographic and biochemical endpoints (ST elevation in the inferolateral leads and substantial increases in cardiac troponin-I released into the bloodstream). As you might predict, heart attacks are extremely rare in otherwise healthy 16-year-olds. But marijuana itself is known to cause cardiac effects, with rare cases of myocardial infarction. In the discussion of the Pediatrics report, Dr. Arshid Mir and colleagues describe literature extending back to 1979 (DOI: 10.3109/15563657909010604) on the increased risk of cardiac disturbances, including myocardial infarction, within the first hour of marijuana use. Increased heart rate is a well-recognized effect of marijuana that is mediated by increased sympathetic nervous system outflow to the heart. This 1976 paper in Circulation describes how the majority of this tachycardia can be prevented by premedication with the non-selective beta-blocker, propranolol. But what about these synthetic compounds in today's products? Unfortunately, most of our information comes from these human toxicology reports. However, the adverse actions of the JWH compounds could be predicted by their biochemical effects on cannabinoid receptors. Most of these compounds are more potent that THC from marijuana in binding CB1 receptors and they exert greater maximum effects at these receptors - in pharmacology terms, THC is called a "partial agonist" while JWH compounds are often "full agonists" at these receptors. Confounding variables As alarming as the Pediatrics report may seem, a confirmation of causation between JWH compounds in K2 products and myocardial infarction remains incomplete. First, all three teenagers reported using marijuana in the weeks prior to their recent use of K2 that more acutely preceded their hospitalization. While myocardial infarction from marijuana alone is rare, one cannot conclude that synthetic marijuana products were solely responsible. Second, specific urinary drug screening for synthetic JWH cannabimimetics was only done for one of the patients and found to be negative for JWH-018 and JWH-073. However, both of these compounds were explicitly outlawed by the emergency DEA action so these negative results might be expected. The authors acknowledged this deficiency in the paper's discussion. One hopes that urine and/or blood samples were saved for further analysis. Lastly, no chemical analysis was performed on the products the teenagers used and only described in the paper as, "K2, Spice (Dallas, Texas, manufacturer unknown)." Follow-up studies on the potential cardiac risks of these compounds would be aided greatly by knowing what compounds were in the products used by the boys. Given the geographical isolation of the report, one possibility is that this batch of product contains a particularly cardiotoxic product. Potential solution: The CDC's Laboratory Response Network The greatest challenge in assessing the relative public health risk of synthetic marijuana products is the chemical complexity of the spectrum of products being sold in the US. For example, the risk of illicit use of a prescription opioid drug like OxyContin is straightforward. We know exactly how much of what compound (oxycodone) is in each tablet and the drug has a long history of use. We know the nature of adverse reactions and an antidote is available for oxycodone overdoses. But for so-called legal highs, we have a case of multiple manufacturers spiking their various products with inconsistent amounts of potentially dozens of compounds. (In fact, this situation is not dissimilar from assessing the risks of herbal and non-botanical dietary supplements.) Our biochemistry colleague, Dr. Melissa Turman, alerted us to an article in Nature Medicine about an underappreciated public health surveillance system that might aid in tracking and identifying these compounds (DOI: 10.1038/nm1111-1339). Therein, Jeffery H. Moran, branch chief of the Public Health Laboratory at the Arkansas Department of Health, describes how his state corralled the resources of the federal Laboratory Response Network (LRN):
The LRN was established by the US Department of Health and Human Services and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in accordance with Presidential Decision Directive 39. The mission of the LRN is to develop and support a network of laboratories “that can respond quickly to needs for rapid testing, timely notification, and secure messaging of results associated with acts of biological or chemical terrorism and other high priority public health emergencies.” To achieve this objective, LRN laboratories are staffed, trained and equipped to perform complex clinical chemical analyses required to assess human exposure to dangerous chemicals. One typically thinks of international bioterrorism and chemical warfare when considering the capacities of the LRN network. But when Arkansas legislators began debating whether or not to regulate synthetic cannabinoids, the state health officer took the innovative step of turning to the LRN-Chemical laboratories in Arkansas, because the circumstances of K2 meshed closely with the intended purpose of this network.
Thanks to Nature, this important article was open-access at the time of this posting. No, I hadn't known about this system either. Dr. Moran goes on to describe how the resources of the LRN-Chemistry labs have provided authorities across the US with authentic chemical standards and analytical testing methodologies for, "keeping pace with 'street chemists' who are highly motivated to stay one step ahead of regulatory efforts and laboratory detection capabilities."

From the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Click on the map to go to the source page for more information.

Perhaps the UT-Southwestern cardiologists might care to follow up with the LRN about their findings just published in Pediatrics. The additional pharmacology work and clinical investigations allows public health officials to keep enforcement authorities posted on the public health risks of these compounds as they emerge. I'm still unclear as to where results from LRN work are published, even in preliminary form, but the network appears to offer resources that offset the budgetary cuts and overwhelming analytical load suffered by state crime laboratories. Stories from families Behind each statistic of adverse events due to sort-of-legal highs is, most often, a young person. This blog and its previous iterations at ScienceBlogs and as an independent site on WordPress have garnered hundreds of anecdotal reports from users and families of users of these products since we first wrote on the subject in February 2010. The more these comments I accumulate, the more I wish a formal mechanism existed to interface with public health officials. Of course, blog comments are most often anonymous but the IP address and voluntary identifying information (such as e-mail address - although real ones don't have to be given to comment) might be used to at least localize reports. Here's a comment that came in last week that makes me wish I could do more:
My son killed himself on Sunday 6 Nov 2011. He was taking very large amounts of Spice and was addicted. The alteration of his mental state definitely contributed to his Suicide. People fail to see the spiritual side and how evil forces attach to drugs and use them as a medium to provoke such thoughts and behavior. My son was very successful and not someone you think would be prone to suicide. There is no doubt in my mind he would still be alive today if he had not been involved with the use and eventual addiction to Spice.
I've redacted the online identity of the writer because a little Google-fu allowed me to confirm this report. Again, causation is difficult to establish without a proper study design based on these anecdotal reports. To play devil's advocate, impulsive young men with ready means to harm themselves might already be predisposed to suicide. But I've gotten too many of these sorts of comments to think that the compounds in K2, Spice, and similar products aren't causing some chronic psychological disturbances. These anecdotes, as are even the most carefully-documented case reports, are fertile for the generation of scientific hypotheses. Here's another one that came in earlier this year:
My son smoked K2 or Spice – laced with variations of JWH-xxx -018, -073, -250, -081 and -372 from purchases of products being sold in NC prior to the ban and is NOW in a psych hospital dealing with the resulting anxiety attacks, rapid heartbeat, agression, anger, depression etc. He is being treated as a bipolar/schizophrenic person heavily sedated and on suicide watch, when previously he had only normal 20-year old behavioral indications.
What's clear to me is that this phenomenon is not going away. The DEA action against five synthetic cannabimimetics has simply driven chemists to make analogs not explicitly mentioned in the DEA emergency ruling. While these can technically be prosecuted under the "analogue [sic] act," few such cases have been reported. Of course, we also need to put these cases - disturbing as they are - into the context of overall public health risks. Dr. Moran noted in his Nature Medicine piece that US Poison Control Centers received 4,421 reports on synthetic marijuana from January through August of this year. In contrast, the 2009 US Poison Control Centers annual report (PDF, the latest one available) shows at least 100-fold more reports of poisonings with opioid analgesics and sedative/hypnotic drugs (such as benzodiazepines). But the public health question is whether the synthetic marijuana compounds have more long-lasting and potentially irreversible effects. One can hope that the work of the LRN is one step toward understanding these risks and providing a scientific basis for further enforcement legislation.   Online chat on synthetic marijuana Tonight - Monday night, November 14th - at 6 pm EST, Kelcey Carlson of WRAL-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina, will air a report on synthetic marijuana products in the Research Triangle area. Immediately thereafter at 6:30 pm, she'll field a live chat on the topic. While we were not among those consulted for this report, we'll be present to participate in the discussion. Update (15 November) - A transcript of the live chat is available here at the WRAL website.   Reference: Mir, A., Obafemi, A., Young, A., & Kane, C. (2011). Myocardial Infarction Associated With Use of the Synthetic Cannabinoid K2 Pediatrics DOI: 10.1542/peds.2010-3823 Moran, J. (2011). Smart resource allocation needed to study 'legal highs' Nature Medicine, 17 (11), 1339-1339 DOI: 10.1038/nm1111-1339

Author: David Kroll

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  1. David, Thanks for this report. I wasn’t aware of this drug. #MoreWorries, but parents (and teenagers, among others) should know about this stuff. Physicians, too.

    • I have stumbled upon a cure for k2 withdrawals.
      Its (pfizer pgn 150 ) lyrica i read its anti seizure
      meds. Side effects include, dizziness, constipation. Ive
      been using k2 heavily for about 6 months.
      I was so bad id wake up soaking wet shaking
      every couple hours to use, then i felt great ,
      then back to sleep. But the effects of lyrica are
      quick i stopped cold turkey went through serious
      withdrawal so i looked for anything and found
      the lyrica couple hours later i was feeling better
      day two no sweats no sickness my heart seems ok
      btw i take 2 aday both in am. I hope this helps

      with drawl

  2. As a forensic scientist who regularly analyzes these samples, I can tell you the drug(s) present vary significantly. Most of the ones that have been controlled are rarely seen now, and the manufacturers have switched to other compounds. In addition to the synthetic cannabinoids, we are also seeing tryptamines in these products.

    We’re seeing the same thing with the “bath salts” type of drugs – now that a few compounds have been controlled, we are seeing several others, most of which are analogs of controlled substances. Most of these compounds are coming from China. In the past six weeks, I’ve seen 8-10 new drugs (controlled or not).

  3. My 18yr old son started smoking this toxic stuff about a year ago. He is destroying his life with this and his health. He is very addicted, wakes up to smoke in the middle of the night every few hours all night long…first thing in the mornings and alllllll day long. He is starting to have a lot of mental problems and he looks just horrible and it is heart breaking for me to watch. He cant work and has zero energy to do anything at all, he gets tired walking up one flight of steps. His friend smoked it and had a seizure. This is going to kill my son i’m afraid. Please take this off the shelves before it too late.

    Desperate Mom in TN

    • listen to me, get him out of the city, like a countryside home or something, take all of he’s money and buy a huge bag of natural pot, natural pot won’t kill him atleast, he’ll be fine in no time

    • I am going through the same thing right now. I hope your son has gotten away from it. Can you give me any advice about what I can do? I am at a lose. I tried to put him in rehab, but since he is 18 I can’t do anything about it. I have even had the police come to my house while he was under the influence. Nothing was done. I don’t know where to turn.

  4. You know how I feel about this. More and more of my clients are using K2 because it doesn’t show up in their “regular” UA screenings. We only do a K2 specific UA if we have suspicion and then, as the map shows, we have to send it far, far away. We can’t take immediate action to really intervene. It makes me feel helpless sometimes.

    Also, I miss you.


  5. I also have a friend who started smoking this crap two months ago. It’s highly damaging him and he doesn’t seem to be the same person I’ve known for the most part of my life. What should i do? How can I help him?!

  6. I have been smoking k2 / aka Sonic boom since january of this year. When I first smoked I had a serious elevated heart rate,friends said it was normal, that happened to me a lot of times. K2 had me b a daze for all these months I had anger problems that I did not have. Sometimes I felt sad to the point of tears for something minor. The main reason I stopped was because every morning I had to vomit every morning (one of my friends that does k2 has been going through that and he don’t care because he’s addicted to it),that’s when I decided to google it…that same night I gave it up. So thanks for y’all help with this information I am one person y’all helped… I am still going through the side effects of it, even today I got into a heated argument with my boss – thats not the usual me. I hope there’s no long term effects. Well with much respect. Berto36010

    • stay strong, cause my son didnt live through his addiction with this substance…

  7. Yes I went threw experience with this k2 synthetic mixes you can buy in pouches. Look like potpourri. All I can say is that it was worse thing I have ever done or experience, not only did I have to stay in psych ward aka can’t sleep hospital it has made me so bipolar I had extreme insane thoughts, along with fright of public encounters. I had to be on 4 different types of medications for a bit, with of course ambien, and anxiety meds. I’m getting better but my life is been hell . I hate to admit my age being 32 and have heard about most of the cases that of being kids in there 20s and teens. I was aware of some of the stronger products online and in stores before this stuff went illegal, and hate to wonder what some of these strong blends would do to.an individual. I strongly suggest to not even dab into this stuff if you can get it. It’s the worst possible thing you can do to your body and mind. I hope young people just say no and don’t do anything. But of course they do what they want to and don’t give fuk. Just remember when you come down or flip out like i did you won’t be a damn bit happy. I went threw hell from this stuff and wish it was never been made and put on market legally to buy. Hopefully alot of people like me can recover or atleast get back to normality.

  8. Yes I went threw experience with this k2 synthetic mixes you can buy in pouches. Look like potpourri. All I can say is that it was worse thing I have ever done or experience, not only did I have to stay in psych ward aka can’t sleep hospital it has made me so bipolar I had extreme insane thoughts, along with fright of public encounters. I had to be on 4 different types of medications for a bit, with of course ambien, and anxiety meds. I’m getting better but my life is been hell . I hate to admit my age being 32 and have heard about most of the cases that of being kids in there 20s and teens. I was aware of some of the stronger products online and in stores before this stuff went illegal, and hate to wonder what some of these strong blends would do to.an individual. I strongly suggest to not even dab into this stuff if you can get it. It’s the worst possible thing you can do to your body and mind. I hope young people just say no and don’t do anything. But of course they do what they want to . Just remember when you come down or flip out like i did you won’t be a damn bit happy. I went threw hell from this stuff and wish it was never been made and put on market legally to buy. Hopefully alot of people like me can recover or atleast get back to normality.

  9. I’ve been smoking this for about a year now, along with nearly 10 of my friends. To this date, none of us are schizophrenic, none of us have issues with heart rates, none of our mothers, family members, friends, etc. have broken hearts, and NONE of us are ruining our lives. And nobody’s died.

    This media sensationalism is the same unfortunate bullshit that happened to real marijuana, we’ve all laughed at the article that was posted in a local newspaper claiming that somebody who had smoked spice attacked a police officer. Needless to say, when we asked both the department and the editor of the paper, neither would comment on the situation.

    • Enjoy, dumbfuck. I won’t be there when your ass is in the ER.

      • Chances are Steve, you wont be there for anyone anyways.

      • Hey Steve,did you pass yet? You should be the inc ense already has your brain mush. You just think noone thinks that shit but you’re just to high to see it. Good luck my friend. I hope you make but I doubt it

    • You are so correct Robert, I have been almost singlehandedly waging a war on these scare tactics, cherry picked news stories and outright lies! And don’t listen to sheep like this Steve moron who are good little sheep who believe what the TV tells them to!

    • My husband is addicted, we are in a hotel on a family get-together for his sisters wedding and he is trying to use this time to get off of this gorrila dro/k2/spice. He looks really sick and everyones asking him if he’s ok. We fought the whole way from TX to MS. He’s having chills, feels extremely irritable, sick to stomach, rapid heart-rate and breathing heavily. I listen to him cough up stuff all night. U can’t say this is all bogus, you probably sell the stuff, and tht is why u defend it! I would rather him stuck with smoking weed then this crap. The end to this is not pretty.

    • I smoked diablo an king kong for two years straight two to three bags a day. By the way I’m making incredible money now that I’m not buying it. Never had a problem like you urself but I still have upper chest pain an chronic diarrhea every day an I quit a month ago. Yes I agree ppl have takin this shit too far but I’m concerned with the long term affects my anger yes has increased but no haven’t attacked anyone an remember its been over two years. Really ppl?

      • Does he cough up black stuff and throw up all the time and black out ?!

  10. robert. look at what you say. and what others say. its not all people i was a hardcore user for ever and guess what id laugh in your face if you told me it would kill me. till the day the shit put me in the hospital and all my friends that it doesnt effect saw there buddy fighting for his life and being told im lucky to be alive because of my careless disregard to the fact i knew not a damn thing about what i was smoking and making and promoting as safe. do you your homework before you cut down real people with real problems there are thousands upon thousands in recent years speaking out both like you and like the people with real problems. dont be an anal hypocryte to the fact you refuse to research the stuff and just like getting high. my whole county is destroyed from me THE SELLER AND DEALER. and i regret it everyday because kids got ahold of what i did and the day it took me to my news cause i smoked without admitting i had some side effects such as not sleeping good, not eating good, and being so irratable to the point i would snap if i didnt get my hands on some legal shit. i was never that way before i wrestled since 2nd grade i ran track in highschool i was always fit and healthy granted i did my pot and pills but no drug was ever strong enough to get me stuck in a cycle of doing nothing but the substance. do your homework. stop smokin for a few days and see if it does anything if it doesnt feel blessed your not effected. but dont cut down real life situation like theyre nothing

    • I’m with Robert on this one. I’ve been using aromatherapy for 18 months. I don’t everyday the same way I wouldn’t drink everyday. In fact withdrawal from alcohol has killed before. It’s legal and kills everyday. There was a local gas station that had sold Zombie Matter (a brand of synthetic mj.). From my count they were making about 10 grand a day selling to about 300 different people. Not once have I heard anyone die in my town. I haven’t heard of anyone losing their mind. I’m sure some experienced adverse affects and some may been addicted. I am addicted to cigarettes. I’m sure they are slowly killing me yet they are 100 percent legal. What county do you live in Zach?

  11. Please stop these internet drug dealers! They have websites where ex-cons, lowlifes selling K2 and other drugs by private message on these sites. These people are mixing dangerous chemicals like they are scientist and then selling them to people who can be harmed. These websites need shutdown ASAP!
    http://www.euphoricknowledge.com/ you have to register so they can keep the forum private.

  12. I have been doing a ton of research here lately on legal weed. Where I am from it is not called K2 or Spice. It has names like Bayou Blaster, Orange Crush, Scooby Snacks, 7H, there are literally so many of them its impossible to list them all and they are sold at corner stores as well as head shops. I have smoked many types myself for a little over a year and had good experiences, however the bad far out weigh the good because of this I have not smoked legal in 5 months. I went into an extreme panic attack, alot like what others have stated they experieced. It took me awhile to get my body back to normal, I also want to add I did not quit after my fist attack it took a few for me to get it through mu skull that I needed to stop befor I killed my self.I never took more than 3 hits, pipe, joint, or blunt and used around 4x a week. I feel for the families that have lost ones dear to them because of this mess being sold. I dont understand how others can say they have NEVER had a bad trip and be little others who have. I have watched almost EVERYONE I consumed legal with go on a bad trip. While others control themselves better while high some are not as experienced or their bodies react different to the chemical. I have a friend who is horribly addicted to it now. We all, about 11, of us started smoking it at the same time and my friend has lost their self. It is so sad, just thinking about it I want to cry. Last night he was visiting with my brother, smoking, left, then came back, which suprised my brother. He just blurted out that he took his gun put one in the chamber and put it to his head then passed out he woke up to see the gun on the night stand. I see so many comments on this page and others, where people state they never had a bad trip and neither have any of thier friends well I can name 8 people I know not including myself that have had bad trips. Fool with it long enough, youll see how bad it can be.

    • You probably had a panic attack because you got a bunch where the cannabanoid was sprayed on a clump of damiana or marshmallow root which made it too concentrated and too strong, basically an overdose, even that could be dealt with in the manufacturing process. It happens sometimes but safeguards would prevent that

  13. David, I can’t thank you enough for giving this issue the attention that it deserves. The To The Maximus Foundation, an organization that educates the public about the dangers of synthetic marijuana. Many of the people in the organization have lost children, siblings, and parents. For more information about this terrible drug and what you can do about it, please find To The Maximus on Facebook, on Twitter @fakeweed, or our blog on WordPress at http://tothemaximus.wordpress.com. Protect your son, daughter, bother, sister, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter, cousin, cousin, friend, or community and join us to learn, share and act!

    • Karen does your website induce fear or does it educate. Does it help fund any studies to see what this actually does. Does it have a link to put people in jail. I’ve emailed your site to attempt to sway you away from a war that you can’t win. There are far more addicting substances such as opiates that are prescribed everday. Alcohol kills everday. Cigarettes kill everyday. I am getting blood work done at the end of this month. After 18 months of use I feel that I can further my argument when the results come back. How are these kids getting a hold of this stuff. Oh it’s unregulated that’s right. If you think for a second that blanket legislation is going to rid the country you are wrong. LSD has all but disappeared only because it’s quite difficult to manufacture. Meth, ecstasy, heroine, cocaine, crack, amongst others are still readily available despite legislation. You have to change the culture’s desire in order to stop usage. You have to educate with 100 percent unbiased truth. You have to allow the window open because even if you shut it it can still be broken. Regulation and strict penalties for selling to minors is needed. Not putting it on the streets.

  14. I think the manufacturers should use thesr evil products so they can go through what these kids go through
    My son just got out of the hospital because of “happy hour” not so freekin happy. Heart rate was 140 bpm almost killed him

  15. MY son Aaron, died Sept.26th, 2011, at the age of 26.
    From the police investigation, it became known that he had smoked “Mr. Nice Guy Relaxinol” with a friend before he retired to sleep. The next morning, all of his friends woke up, but he didn’t – he was gone, dying in his sleep. He was in the healthiest condition of his life. The 2nd round of toxicology tests, which were specifically looking for chemical cannabiniods, turned up the compounds JWH-122 & JWH-210. “Mr. Nice Guy Relaxinol ” was listed by the pathologist & coroner’s report as the cause of death.

    • Mrs. Deirdre, I am so sorry you lost your son. My brother, Chad, committed suicide a month ago, April 2014. I wonder if you’ll visit this site and see my comment. Anyway, Chad had smoked spice for years apparently (this info came after his passing, though I must honestly say I had no previous knowledge of what the heck spice is, much less it’s devastating side effects), and a bag of it was found in his room. Looking back on the last few years, his odd and overall angry attitude toward everyone a lot of the time, withdrawal from the family, and these weird, out-of-the-blue angry faces, almost like a tick he developed (turns out nerve damage from holes eaten in the brain) were all signs of his spice drug use. He once described to me, two weeks before killing himself, he absolutely could not sleep because he said he felt like his heart was pounding so hard it would exit his chest into his bed. He told me he heard voices, a bad voice and a good one. He refused help. He said he didn’t want to be medicated (ironic, I know). He got to where he just had this weird paranoia over nonsensical things, and he talked about conspiracies all the time. I wish he had told me about his spice addiction. Maybe I would’ve googled it, and saw the evidence that’s out there regarding this shit and the fact that it KILLS. My mom later told me she was scared when he was home. He would get violent, I guess. He committed suicide, at least it wasn’t murder of his mother like the other fun side effects this stuff can cause-homicidal thoughts! I was going to get him a job at the hospital where I work, and he seemed ready to get started. He was going to get back with his girlfriend of two years. We thought whatever his problem was, he was getting better there those last two weeks. He came home one night and hanged himself. Dad found him the next day and had to cut him down from the beam in the storage shed he tied himself to. F*cking f*cked up. Get off this awful demon of a drug, and get your loved ones addicted to it off the drug any way you can, please. How, I don’t know, but try, and good luck. To those like Deirdre who have lost a family member or friend, I am so very sorry. It’s hard to understand how this can happen, and why it is, to this damn day can still be accessed and happen (yeah, I know a chemical is changed and those sick f*cks get around laws). I miss my little brother and ache for my parents. Witnessing their sorrow is unbearable. If the Chad before the spice could only see them now.

  16. All this shit happens because of drug prohibition. We have marijuana, which is well known and much safer than legal alcohol and tobacco, and for sure it is much safer than poisonous legal highs. Believe me no-one choose legal highs if marijuana will be legal. I don’t really understand why government is still forcing ineffective and harmful solutions. It doesn’t make sense. You can drink till you’re death, you can smoke cigarettes and die because of cancer, but you’re not allowed to smoke joint and stay chill. No-one has ever died because of using marijuana, what’s more many, many people use cannabis as medicine, because this is what it is. Educate yourself about marijuana and war on drugs and the truth will set you free.

  17. Im almost 26 yr old female. Almost died from smoking k2 called po po for emegery to get high. It only get me one hit that make u high good enough. But i smoke more than 4 time and trying to go bed butbi couldnt because my body start not normal. I get up and walk that when my heart rate goes fast like 100 per min like exericse. Dizzy getting worse, that when i start having bad panic attack and though im goin to die. My body shaking when im trying to fight to calm down. Next day my breathing is not good. I decide to go ER. They been told im lucky to fight to live. K2 is not for human period. This will ruin your life! My body didnt back normal after fews days from heart attack. It not the same anymore. This scared me like hell. I quit k2, weed, and cigarattes. I cant deal with this anymore. Thank yall for share

    • Krissy, did you have a heart attack?

      • This happened last night to me, I quit weed about 6 months ago because I was getting to later stages of developing anxiety and depression. Last night some mates came over and I had a little but after they left i went to bed and my heart rate was lifting untill eventually easily over 120BPM, and all I could hear was like wind blowing into a telephone but so loud my ears were about to blow, my room was jumping at me and my entire life felt different and still doesn’t feel the same. I knew how it would hit me from personal experience that you would have the first 15-20 minute episode then slow down for 5 minutes then hit hardest for another 20 minutes as it did and it was over leaving me feeling weaker than weak and disorientated. Treats me right for slipping a night and having some again.
        18 years from NSW AUST

  18. im such an idiot ive been having chest pains all the time, random twitches, rapid eart beat, numbness of head and face, numbnesss of leg, pain in arms and legs, pains in the eyes and certain veins will punp really hard randomly please help me im scared need to go to the doctor i dont know what to do and im very healthy otherwise healthy diet workour regularily used tgo be addicted ton this stuff off of it for a year whats happenein o me i need help someone needs to study this stuff and publish warning get this banned where can i report this so people can know

  19. I’ve been smoking this stuff for a while now (1-2 years). I just recently smoked some gorilla dro po-po and upon releasing the hit, I instantly felt like i was going to die. My heartbeat sped up really fast (that or it affected my nervous system in a way that made me believe it was my heart). It started at 10pm on a Saturday, that night i couldn’t sleep, I tossed and turned all night and periodically got up to research what i had just done to my body. I ended up getting fed up with the irregular beating of my chest and went to the hospital at 5am the following morning. I dont make too much money and am on my parents insurance, so I hid the fact that it was caused directly from the inhalation of that poison. I wish i would have had been more prepared in retrospect. At the time I could only describe what i was feeling as palpitations. I was released after have a mkg, urine sample, blood sample, X-ray of the chest and being hooked up to a heart monitor of some sort for entirety of the visit. After doing extensive research on this “synthetic marijuana negative health effects” subject I’ve concluded nothing. It is now Tuesday(68 hours after inhalation, I still feel an acute variation of what i felt a couple of days ago. I hope this feeling goes away eventually. If your reading this and your a smoker of this “synthetic marijuana/spice/k2/fake stuff” please heed my advice and stop smoking it. I don’t believe this was caused by my long-term use(though i know it may have had an effect on the seriousness of it) but rather a real concentrated poison/chemical of some-sort in the bag I purchased. I don’t dare test this theory myself, for I’m scared for my life to ever smoke this again. I will try to update this on how I’m feeling at the end of this week.

  20. I just took my first hit of sonic zero and I completely blacked out for 30 minutes. I remember nothing from that period. I had been taking hi 5 and never had any effects like this. I will never take another hit of sonic boom as it is way too strong

  21. After moving to a new town and not having any connects, I bit the bullet and bought some Po Po at the head shop. I can only compare the trip to salvia and Im writing this as I come down from smoking it about an hour and a half ago. It hits you hard and throws you into a panic mood and makes you pace back and forth, the same thing that salvia did to me years ago when I first smoked it. I was so high I was more angry at my ingesting it than anything, wanting to come off it as soon as I started tripping out. After a few minutes I came to my senses and started laughing at how messed up I was and started to remember that same salvia trip from years ago. I’ve done acid and shrooms numerous time and would consider myself a cannabis conniseaur, but this stuff is unlike anything I’ve ever done. The problem is that you become so thrown by the strength of the high, you forget that you will come down eventually, and I can see where people would get so scared on this stuff. I’m not sure if it’s a high I like to continue using especially since the unknown of what it actually is and the long term effects. I don’t like the rapid heart rate and panic it induces, but besides feeling a little strung out, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to die nor do I need to go to the ER. I only hope I can get a bud connect soon so I can go back to a relaxed high as opposed to the angry high of the legal stuff, though I won’t rule out smoking more of this stuff if only to try to tame the panic that washes over you and enjoy the ride.

    • I still do not have elevated heart rate, however I do notice after elongated periods of smoking (2-4 days) that I sweat profusely (withdrawal?) and that it becomes hard to function in activities such as basketball, or walking up a hill.

      I smoke sparingly now since im on probation, and it allows me to avoid violating.

  22. First off, I am pro-cannabis, but I am 100% against K2. I never had an issue with anxiety in over 10 years of smoking real weed. I thought I was going to DIE after smoking some K2, it was the worst panic attack I have ever had and have had increased anxiety since then. I almost wrote a goodbye letter to my wife that night. Thank god I had some xanex from a friend, it saved my life. Seriously not trying to be bash something I know nothing about, I still smoke, but K2 is not natural and is not anything like weed.

  23. All I can say is that I no longer have a son because he killed himself while smoking this horrible stuff. He was a happy young man with a good job and 3 beautiful little girls he loved very much. This is such dangerous stuff. Go ahead and fool yourself into thinking it won’t do anything to you, because it is the devil and it will get you sooner or later if you don’t get as far as you can away from it. Don’t cause your parents this pain that gets worse everyday that I have to live with. If you love your family in any way at all, you will STOP NOW!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • mam white was he smoking do you no?

  24. I do synthetic every day, and I’m completely fine. Just because a few pussies died off fake doesn’t mean it’s actually harmful. They just couldn’t handle their shit.

    • If I could find where you live and get there with reasonable effort you would have a hard time walk ever again. I’ll tell you I’m in new London county CT, and I get replies to this message. let me know if you’re around and want to find out if i’m telling the truth.

  25. Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone out there who specializes in the effects of synthetic marijuana specifically with spiritual hallucinations. My brother is in jail for 2 years now awaiting trial for smoking K-spice or something like that and attacking two random women that he believed were sacraficing children. He believed he was God’s prophet. We aren’t religious people. This is completely random behavior. I have heard enough stories about users and victims. Are there any toxicologic pathologists who study this stuff? Please help. My number is 973-789-6540. Call me anytime

  26. If you only read one blog about synthetic spices read this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am writing this because I want to warn people of the damages and lasting effects that synthetic’s can have.
    Just writing what I have has taken me some time. Why??? I have to really sit down and concentrate on my thoughts these days.
    I smoked this stuff for a little over a year on a daily basis. One night something went wrong. Very wrong!

    One hit and next thing I know I look down at my phone and I had dialed 911. I threw my phone and told myself to calm down and get control.
    I felt like my brain was stuck in a loop. I couldnt pull myself together. I couldnt talk. I couldnt do basic motor functions. My heart raced beyond belief and I couldnt do a thing about it.
    I laid in bed for 7 days praying that I would snap out of it. One week! I thought to myself if I dont come out of it soon that I would end my life knowing that I didnt want to live in this state. Finally I was able to talk again. Still really having to focus hard on forming not only my thoughts but my words as well.

    It has now been almost 2 years ago that I experianced what I call hell. I, to this day, still do not feel normal and wonder if I ever will again. My motor skills are improving but they are far from what they once were. My speech I find is coming around but coming up with those big words (what was once easy to do) is still most difficult. My eyesight, once perfect, is not so great though I havent gotten checked. But worst yet my heart pulpitates and I get a dizzy fainting light headedness. (almost like I am about to have another bad trip)
    The only thing I can relate it to rationally is a panic attack. If your still on this stuff and here hoping to find a reason to stop. I hope you take my experiance and realize that I may not have come out of that (trip) realize that I may never be able to escape my little reminders of the stupidiy I once placed upon myself. Realize that it could happen to you! If you have experinced what I have and are completely healed I would love to hear from you. A light at the end of this dim tunnel would be great. I, at this point am hopefull but being a realist, know that I may have to live this way for the rest of my days. I do pray no one else has to go through this.

  27. Spice: Horrible stuff, causes daily vomiting, acids reflex, heart burn big time, diarrhea, increased resting HR of 120+ BPM. Also causes little soars to develop, and scratching in the middle of the night. Highly mentally addictive.It will affect your life, family, friends, and your health. So if all this is going on, who knows what else is going on inside the body. If you are on this stuff, quit now, before it is too late.
    Cant wait to get back to weed. Stupid Gov needs to legalize it faster and in all states. Oh but can’t tax it cause anyone can grow it and there will always be a black market. That’s why its not legal yet. Fuck the Government

  28. My name is Tammy Bloom, My son’s name is Jacob Bay, he is 18 years old. He addicted to this poison called spice, he was instantly addicted to this drug as soon as he tried it, he is having rage and anger, anxiety severe mood swings, he is stealing to pawn to get money to buy this spice several times a day. He is talking about suicide and is coughing like someone in stage 4 lung cancer, non stop he is coughing up large balls of bloody phlem up. I have called the police many times showed them the wrappers and empty packages of this stuff, they will not do anything to help me. I live at 605 22nd Ave .North, North Myrtle Beach South Carolina 29582, I fear my son will die of cancer or suicide or heart attack or get murdered because he is so messed up on this stuff that he steals right out in the open, some one is going to shoot him. I am worried sick, I do not know what to do. I love my son with my entire heart and soul and my 2 other grown children and grandchildren are suffering also. They tell me to just let him go, but I am a mother and my morals and my faith in God will not allow me to give up on him as hard as it is on me I am facing eviction and am permanently disabled and only have an income of $700.00 a month. I can’t get any help, all of his friends are on it also, all in and out of jail, where is the CIA the FBI The drug inforcement. I am watching these young kids loose their minds, I worry every time I here a siren that it is my son dead. I cry I pray. No one cares. This is terroisiom . This is chemical warfare . a whole generation of children are destined to be permenant criminals. Who can help me . Will someone please the Army the Air Force the Navy the Marines, please catch who ever is making this poison that is destroying our future of our country is at steak. We are all in great danger. Please my God help. The government the President of the United States of America, I am begging and pleading with you to make this a priority, this is war in our own country. This is an epidemic and no one is doing anything to stop this. Please where are the hero’s . Does anyone know anything that can be done. When we are at the mercy of drug dealers and stores that sells this poison. How bad does things have to get to make this a priority. My God, these stores need to be held accountable and the manufactures of this spice needs to be mowed down. A vigalntry, spys. This is coming into our homes and threatening our young ones lives. My God if someone was to poison a child by any other means they would be imprisoned. So why is this being ignored. I will picket I will go on television , I am willing to do anything to save my son’s life. I called the police yesterday because he was throwing his bedroom furniture off the balcony, I begged for an ambulance to put him on a phycharicate 72 hour watch, I tried to get him committed, the police would not help they called off the ambulance. They told me that he is 18 years old and if he didn’t want to go to the hospital that he didn’t have to go. I am baffled, If he was killing his self, I couldn’t save him because the police take so long to get here, maybe I have had to call them a lot but what else am I to do? What would you do if you were watching this insanity play out with someone that you love. Again I am begging I am pleading, please help stop this madness. And what are the long term health effects, what about babies being born with this poison in there little bodies, deformaties, life long medical needs, think of the cost to our country,can we afford this tragedy we are already in financial crises. You may call me I would be more than happy to give addresses and names My # is 843-333-6902. I am a 56 year old disabled 4’10 little tiney woman and I am not afraid to stand up to these criminals. I will do anything to stop this madness. Tammy Bloom

  29. Tammy Bloom , here again , I just read the post before my first post and noticed that I think that I see what I was afraid of, it is one am and my son just came in, he is looking really bad, What was posted a man said that he was up all night back and forth pacing ,racing heart rate, said was that he was itching all night on legs little sores my son has been itching for some time now, I was in fear of bed bugs, I got tape and put around the bedding fearing the worst that my son or one of his friends has brought bed bugs into his bedding, I had been washing everything in hot water and strong soap drying for hours, and now I know that it is a side effect of the drug, I was afraid to tell anyone, having them think me dirty, but I have 5 year old cataracks in my eyes, so I really can’t see little things at all. But as bad as I feel for my son, I am relieved to know that at least I do not have the worry or shame of bed bugs, so if you are like me terrified of bugs or lice or body lice, know that is a symptom of this poison. Why would you want to feel like bugs were crawling all over you and the speeding heart rate and the coughing and the horrible panic attacks and the suicidal thoughts, why would you not want to stop. My son is a very big young man almost 6’6 259lbs played football for years with tons of thophys and placks and ribbons, now he is a drop out ,he won’t get his ged , he won’t work he is on probation. Man I am so very sad for all of these people and my heart is broken for my son and my family, I fear that he will do nothing with his life, and I am dealing with a breast cancer scare from a mammogram last week that found a tumor in my left breast, I am trying not to give it any power over me, but have already battled cancer once and lost several family members to cancer , my father died when he was only 29 years old of lung cancer I was 7 years old and when I hear my son coughing, it is so very heart breaking, I have flash backs watching my father die a slow and agonizing death that I wouldn’t wish on the worst person in the world. Someone please help me. PLease I am begging you please. You can’t possibly understand unless you were living with a loved one watching him destroy his health and life. Lord please have mercy on my son and grant a miracle. Please. And by the way any Christians in my area if you read this please come and pray with me, you are always welcome and any ministers please call or come by and please everyone who is reading this please pray for my son Jacob Denzil Conner Bay. Again my address is 605 22nd. Ave. North North Myrtle Beach South Carolina 29582 and my phone # is 843-333-6902 Thank You for your prayers and any help you can give, would anyone like to picket these stores with me ? Please call. God Bless you all. Tammy Bloom a very worried and concerned mother.

  30. There is a simple solution, legalize marijuana and allow people to live their lives to their own liking.
    All this heartbreak because of a reluctant gov who obviously doesn’t know how to take any action short of military.

  31. Hi. First of all I just want to say that I’m totally pro marijuana. Why the hell alcohol is legal and weed is not is completely beyond me.

    Anyway, I’ve been a weed smoker for nearly 15 years. I’ve never been a heavy user. At my peak, I was smoking 1 or 2 cones every couple of days. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a light weight, but I can handle my weed. On many occasions I’ve had some HUGE sessions with my mates and been EXTREMELY stoned but always in control with no worries.

    However, I moved from Australia to the UK about 6 years ago and started work in an industry that does drug testing. Bummer! Anyways, I heard about this legal stuff called Spice Gold. Legal, not detectable by drug tests and apparently just like weed – awesome! Anyway, we got some and were skeptical. Any other ‘herbal’ shit I’d tried in the past was useless, I mean we might as well have been smoking tea leaves.

    Well we tried the Spice Gold and were blown away! Not in a bad way mind you. This shit actually worked! We got stoned just like weed. Well, it had a slightly different feel but there was no mistaking it – we were properly stoned. It was great and I smoked Spice Gold for years.

    Anyway, we started trying for a family so I stopped smoking all together. Like I said, I’ve been smoking for years but am just a casual smoker so stopping was no problem what so ever. Every now and then between rounds of IVF I would have the odd smoke on the weekends – one cone every few months with never a problem.

    Then about a year and a half ago we went to Canada for Xmas. I used to live there years ago so am well versed on Canadian weed. BC Bud, oh yeah! I was so pumped to actually smoke some real weed and enjoyed getting high again after so long without. No problems at all with the real deal.

    Fast forward a year and a half with absolutely no smoking, real or Spice, and we get to last night. We had just found out that our 5th round of IVF had failed and I was a little bummed. Anyways, by this point Spice Gold was banned and illegal in the UK so I had picked up some other stuff from a shop in Camden. It was called Afghan Black Ultra and came in the same type of packet as Spice. I actually picked it up a year ago and had never used it.

    I was actually trying to decide if I should actually smoke it or not or just have a quiet drink. I spent about an hour tossing up whether to have a smoke or not. Eventually I decided to have a tiny smoke. MASSIVE MISTAKE!!!!!!!

    I packed possibly the smallest, most lightly packed cone in history. It was about a quarter full and I have a small cone in my bong. So I take a hit – very small and exhale immediately, not holding it in. I took 2 more baby hits.

    It hit me INSTANTLY!!

    Straight away I knew this wasn’t like weed. This was NOT like getting stoned on weed in ANY WAY! The whole room started oscillating wildly! I stood up and tried to walk it off and get myself centred. It didn’t work. I was losing it and losing it fast! Like I’ve said previously, I’ve smoked weed for years and can handle my smoke. In the past I’ve also done speed, extacy and cocaine. Not lots by any stretch, but enough to know what different highs, and lows, feel like with different drugs. What I was experiencing after smoking the worlds smallest amount of Afghan Black Ultra was like none of them and like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. It was a nightmare.

    I was staggering around the room and starting to panic. I’m a rational guy with a good head on my shoulders and am pretty intelligent. I can keep my head in pretty much any occasion and usually DO NOT PANIC about anything, even in emergency life threatening situations. Not last night, I was flipping out big style!

    The last thing I wanted to do was wake up my wife and worry her, but I had no choice. I actually 100% thought I was going to lose my mind and not be able to make it back. I remember actually rationalizing about it. I was thinking that I knew what was happening, I was actually going mad, and there was nothing I could do about it. The only thing I could think to do was wake up my wife and tell her that I love her and to say goodbye before I lost it totally.

    I woke her and told her I was in big trouble after smoking that shit and that I was flipping out. I told her how sorry I was and that I loved her and that I thought I was slipping away. That’s when I started to hyperventilate and told her to call an ambulance. I had only had about 3 hours sleep the night before so was already dead tired and exhausted. The hyperventilating was killing me.

    I was flapping big style. My mind was racing, the room was spinning, I was hyperventilating like a mad man and my heart was beating out of my chest. I was yelling at my wife to hurry! I was slipping away and I felt it. I was so unbelievably exhausted but I knew if I sat down or fell over I would never get up again. I had to keep on my feet. I was fighting with everything I had! I was swaying side to side stamping my feet and shaking my head, hyperventilating like crazy fighting to stay up right and conscious. My mouth and throat were as dry as you can imagine. I have never been so desperate for water. I screamed for my wife to get me water which she did while on the phone to the emergency services. I was nearly gone when she poured the water down my throat. I could barely get any down as I was hyperventilating so bad but the little I did get down brought me back.

    I was then desperate for oxygen. I was breathing so hard by felt like I was suffocating. I was begging for them to arrive with the oxygen. I was so physically exhausted but at the same time my mind was totally gone! I felt as if keeping awake and upright was the key to keeping alive. I honestly thought that I would die if I went down. I kept saying sorry to my wife and saying goodbye. I kept shouting to her that I was going. I’m going, I’m going I was shouting.

    By this stage I was totally buggered. I was starting to lean against the wall. I thought the game was up! My wife was amazing, she was really scared but kept her head, talking with the emergency operator and trying to help me at the same time.

    Eventually the ambulance arrived. It was mad, as soon as they walked into the house I started to calm down. The hyperventilating stopped almost straight away. I was however still physically spent and my head was still spinning. They got me downstairs and I started to calm down but also started to feel violently ill. I eventually fell onto the floor and vomited my guts up. And when I say I vomited, I really vomited. I was reaching like mad and my wife said she’s never seen so much vomit. I was so ill.

    Anyways, they took me to hospital in the ambulance. I had another vomiting session in the ambulance which they were less than impressed about and also started hyperventilating again. Eventually we got to the hospital and hooked me up to a heart monitor. All was OK and they sent me through to the normal a&e area to wait to see a doctor.

    I was now totally calm but still spinning and feeling ill. I was also as tired as I can ever remember. My wife and friend arrived at the a&e and I said lets go home. My heart was fine and it was a 3 hour wait to see the doctor. Screw that, I knew I was OK.

    I got home totally ashamed and embarrassed, but alive. Something I didn’t think I would be only 1 hour or so earlier. I went to bed and got some sleep. Not the best sleep kind you, but sleep none the less.

    I have spent the day today feeling really weird. I don’t mean just physically either. I am so ashamed, embarrassed, angry and a little scared. I’ve been trying to work out if it was just the bad drugs or if there’s actually something wrong with my mind. It has been the most unsettling feeling knowing how close I came or thought I came to losing my mind and dying. I was convinced I was going to go permanently mad or die. I was 100% certain.

    MY wife and friend are laughing about it today, but the shame and embarrassment is killing me. I can’t believe I needed an ambulance to come and rescue me after having a smoke, but I did.

    The moral of the story is this – if you need or want a smoke, for Christ sake just smoke the real deal!!!! Its natural and you can’t beat that.

    OF course everyone has different reactions to different drugs, but as a smoker of 15 years I can tell you that smoking Afghan Black Ultra synthetic crap is NOT like smoking weed and really bad news. I can’t believe that anyone would have a good reaction to that shit.


  32. Ive been smoking this stuff for years now and only one time I got a very intense high… everybody does get one of those feels like a “heart attack” highs.. but just like alcohol a legal drug that kills and destroys families more often, I guess its how you handle your vise and not letting it control you.. Spice affects me in most good ways… positive attitude.. high as f*ck higher then weed… munchies… not red eyes but low… I piss clean.. yeah I cough but what smoker doesn’t cough? I replaced weed, cigs, binge drinking, with spice a but I guess the most negative thing I could say is that I get a headache everynow and then. But yea schools not for everyone sky diving is not for everyone spice is not for everyone…. Everyone is chemically different….. not everyone is allergic to bees…. ty

  33. All these scare tactics are ridiculous. I discovered spice very early in it’s life, 8-9 years ago. I was on probation and smoked MASS amounts of it every day for 4-5 years. I never had any problem. Just the normal side effects of being a pothead.

  34. I created a website for my son who died by suicide on April 20, 2013. Beautiful young man, over 400 people attended his funeral that in itself tells you who he was! A sweet young man with many, many friends, a girlfriend, held the state record in pole vaulting, promising future. Happy, outgoing, friendly and the love of our life. Messed around smoking marijuania for a year or so got in trouble and missed school. Had to have drug tests every 2 weeks. One of his friends, and I say that with much remorse, turned him on to K2! He continued to smoke Fear and loathing it was called along with many other products for 1 year prior to April 2013! Then for no apparent reason except for a problem with a girlfriend that night he hung himself for us to find him the next morning outside our window! Great boy, lots of promise, K2 helped him be able to take his own life! Now theres an advertisement for a product, hey kids take thos become psychotic and hang ourself….great! And the bastards that sell it to them may thy rot and die in hell!!!!

    • Kathy, your story has me in tears. I am so sorry for your loss. This happens far too often and anything that can be done , should be done. it must be frustrating for you to read some of these comments . It is so typical to believe that it is always something that happens to someone else and not to you personally. The fact is that they never really know when it will have a similar or equally disastrous effect on their own life and family. Thanks to people like you the word is out there and hopefully one who is beginning this use will read what you say and stop in their tracks and believe the truth. Perhaps just one will realize that it is not worth taking the chance . keep talking Kathy, they need to hear this .

  35. for all you guys claiming it’s safe have fun. this is no joke. Im smoke about two grams of the best OG kush a day but when I ran out of weed last night I decided to try this cramp that was given to me. shit was called funky monkey. any way Im not one of those wastefull smokers. i pack the fastest bowls and snap them in one hit in my long. I’ve always had iron lungs packing .5 and snapping it one hit. so when I tried this shit I packed my bowl to the brim. I took one hit and killed the bowl, got up and started walking around in circles for allwhat felt like forever rambling nonsense. then witrout thinking I hear this pounding. hard pounding I can feel everywhere. my left side leg and arm started twitching. I grab for my heart and felt what felt lame a snare drum blasting 250 beats a min. well when I woken girlfriend she thought i was tripping. until she saw the pulse through my neck pounding. she checked my heart rate and she counted 202 beats per min. my chest was hurting and I feltnlike I was having a heart attack. I wasn’t even paranoid. no nausea. butbi knew I Was on verge of death. I drank almost a gallon of water and ate a sucker it and wthen the hour my heart slowly slowed down but was beating irregular. I went to sleep and hear I am chest hurting and heart still beating weird. I have never had heartbproblems nor anyone in my family and am very healthy. if you think 200 beats per min is ok on any heart you can **** yourself. I’m on my way to the ER

  36. I am experiencing a “hangover” from this stuff, though it would be more accurate to say I am still tripping.

    I have been using a blend called “Spiral” for a few months now, and it was pretty pleasant. A nice mild high, lasts for about 20 minutes, and then the demon would kick in and I’d want another hit. If I did too much, I would get anxious and jittery after the comedown, but nothing too major.

    For all of you guys defending that kind of stuff, I don’t blame you. Before yesterday, I would too. If you’ve found some mild stuff that you know you can trust, then that’s one thing.

    But there ARE types out there that are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I found one last night. They were out of “Spiral” so I found another kind (the name I can’t remember). It’s much like the stories on this thread: I took a pretty small amount, just one pretty small hit, and within 30 seconds I was GONE. I think literally insane, for a while. I was walking around the city, about to get my train when I realized that was impossible. I wandered and wandered, finally heading in the direction of my house.

    I wavered between being out of my mind like NEVER BEFORE in my life, and having a positive, I-can-do-it kind of experience. I’ve done my share of hallucinogens: shrooms and LSD. Shrooms are pretty mellow ultimately. Acid in sharp and intense. This stuff was like acid *on acid*. Just absolutely intense.

    The funny thing was once I got home, after the peak had passed but I was most definitely NOT sober, I could talk to her just fine and she didn’t expect a thing. I could play act sober as easily as breathing. That’s one silver lining, I guess.

    But it’s not over. I took it last night at about 6:30, it’s now 1pm the next day and I am STILL feeling it. Not as much, of course, but my heart in particular is going nuts. I’ve *always* had low blood pressure, no heart disease in my family, I’m more or less fit…but I am now worried about the long term effects. I am also wondering how this drug hasn’t washed from my system yet. It’s been close to 24 hours. I really hope the next few days and the symptoms will decrease.

    Like I said, there are some kinds of Spice that are mild and *may* not give you long term problems if you partake in moderation. But this shit was a huh-uh. No no. Never never never again. The bad shit is not just propaganda from anti-drug types, like I assumed. IT IS REAL. I pitched my gear, lighters, any and all connection to the stuff. This is a new chapter in my life. For the time being I am also going to go cold turkey on alcohol, pot, hell even caffeine until I get a handle on this.

    tl;dr If you want to try a new “brand,” JUST DO A LITTLE BIT. And I mean little. Better to stick with your favorite mild stuff. Best to not do Spice at all.

  37. Iv been smoking this for about a year now, never had a problem, but I have witness others having panic attacks, falling to the floor, being sick, all sorts. It all depends if your body can handle it or not. But i have decided to stop. But don’t know how to go about it. See- Gp? Cold turkey? Any suggestions would be appriecated. Thank you

  38. Hi, I live in Perryville, Missouri and its horrible here.. People give up regular weed to smoke this stuff. i quit smoking weed because it wasnt getting me real high anymore and started smoking this stupid stuff, I would have my girlfriend drive me a hour and a half away every day or other day to st louis or to arnold to buy this stuff named ” buddha” and “twilite” at the little store in fenton MO. What i did to get away from it was look on websites like these and read these comments, it started scaring me and i decided to quit. It was the worst thing i have ever done in my life, quitting it was so hard. i non stop paced all the time in my room and living room, staying up pretty much all night sweating my balls off because im withdrawling off this stuff, 6 hours after i quit i started puking and it was just bad.. I still think about it frequently, every few days and ill start researching .. it gave me somewhat of a permanent anxiety i think, and i am worried about my health, If you smoke this stuff, PLEASE, STOP!!! You may think its not gonna hurt you in the future but it will hurt us all! trust me.! By the way im only 16. i think it ruined my life.