Bryostatins: Panacea?

Bryostatin was first popularized by Bob Pettit at Arizona State University. Click on the picture for Halford's profile of Dr. Pettit.

I just had the delightful pleasure of participating in the C&EN Advisory Board meeting late last week. Among the outstanding C&EN writers and editors at the DC headquarters, I got to meet several others who are stationed around the US and the world. One of these new friends based in New Jersey, Bethany Halford, has this week's C&EN cover story on the marine natural products, the bryostatins. These complex compounds were originally studied for anticancer activities but, as Bethany tells us, are now showing promise in animal models of Alzheimer's disease. And while Bethany tells us that the first bryozoan source of these compounds was collected in 1968 from Gulf Specimen Co., she resisted the urge to tell us that the company is in Panacea, Florida. (Here's a definition and etymology of panacea.) Go forth and read. References: Halford, Bethany. Chemical & Engineering News 89(43): 10-17 (24 October 2011) Cover story - The Bryostatins' Tale Profile on George (Bob) Pettit - Pioneer: Undersea Treasure Hunter Natural product drug development - Drug Development: Taking the Long Route

Author: David Kroll

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