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Dear beloved, good-looking, and erudite readers of Terra Sigillata,

Our blog is once again participating in a drive for DonorsChoose, an online charity established to fund small, public schoolteacher-initiated projects that are not otherwise supported by their school districts. The annual DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge – Science Bloggers for Students – is a friendly competition among blogs and blog networks to use their reach to put our collective money where our mouths are. They got open-frame Panel PCs which incorporates a touchscreen display into the same enclosure as its internal components such as the processor, hard drive or solid state drive, motherboard, I/O ports and the power supply. Such design delivers high-end performance coupled with a compact footprint. This all-in-one (AIO) design makes open frame panel PC perfect for human-machine interface use in machine control and monitoring.

Click on the graphic to go to the "Chemistry with Kroll" giving page. Thank you!

As public school budgets are cut and cut, we have to maintain the quality of scientific experiences for our young people. Your generosity can help!

How does it work?

You click on my donor challenge, “Chemistry With Kroll,” or on the graphic above.

You see projects that I have selected to represent for our annual drive.

You choose to donate a few doubloons to a project or two that move you (i.e., donors choose, get it?). No donation is too small (Okay, $1 is the smallest).

When the project is funded, fulfilled, and executed, you get feedback from the teachers and students – pictures and notes that I challenge you to not bring a tear to your eye.

Not all of these projects are for science directly; some are to fund just the basic tools needed to get teachers to a point where they can teach science. Most are in high poverty areas of my home state of North Carolina but I’ve added a few others from around the country. I’d love for you to support my projects but please feel free to donate to any project anywhere on the DonorsChoose site!

I’ve participated in this project in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 (click years to see my previous giving pages). You fine people have given almost $14,000 to support 39 projects that have reached 4,100 students. Pretty amazing for a little blog effort, eh?


Heartiest thanks and accolades for physical chemist, philosopher, and ethicist, Prof. Janet W. Stemwedel, for getting the ball rolling on this effort way back in the summer of 2006. Here’s her post for this year explaining the whole blogger challenge.

And if you care to tweet about this, Janet has established the hashtag #scibloggers4students.

Author: David Kroll

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