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1st Anniversary at CENtral Science!

Thank you for your support! Now, tell me about YOU in the comments below. Photo Credit: DJ Kroll/Terra Sigillata

Many thanks to all of you, Dear Readers and C&EN editors and staff, I have been writing here for one year.

Last August 24th, we moved the Terra Sigillata blog here after its purgatory in indie WordPress land following four years at ScienceBlogs. The announcement came at the a ACS Medicinal Chemistry Lunch-and-Learn session on pharmaceutical and chemistry blogging led by Carmen Drahl at last year’s Boston meeting. the setting seemed appropriate for the launch because I was on the panel with two of my own blogging idols, Derek Lowe of In the Pipeline and Ed Silverman of Pharmalot.

In my inaugural post here last year, The Right Chemistry, I expressed my sincere thanks to Carmen and C&EN Online EditorĀ Rachel Pepling for taking in this wayward blogger. Although I am technically a biologist, I have appreciated since my undergrad days that chemistry was central to moving forward in this field. As a pharmacologist whose previous pseudonym acknowledged Journal of Biological Chemistry founder, John Jacob Abel, I have always appreciated that my field would not be here without the efforts of synthetic chemists.

So, I hope that in the past year I have brought you a biologist’s view of – and reverence for – the discipline of chemistry.

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Radiochem query in the school parking lot

So, I saw this today after dropping off PharmKid at her elementary school – a great homemade car sun visor:

Natural isotopic abundance fun in the elementary school parking lot. Credit: DJ Kroll/Terra Sigillata

Do you know the answer? Actually, first things first: do you know what the question is asking?

We’ll give a little more information later. I have no idea who the teacher or parent is who has this visor – the school goes from kindergarten to 5th grade and while I think our kids are brilliant, I’m not sure they will know the answer to the question.

I’ll just say for now that this visor brought me back to my radioisotopes undergraduate class at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science where the late Dr. Grafton Chase asked us to calculate the amount of radioactivity in a cargo ship full of bananas.

Ooooh, shiny! The new C&EN Mobile iPhone/iPad app

...and the Android version is forthcoming very soon. Credit: C&EN Mobile (Click photo to go to page).

Hi. I’m back, briefly. A convergence of family and day job commitments have kept me away from you for the last week but I wanted to check in.

Last night, I saw something on Twitter that C&EN has released their Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad mobile app. You see, I tend to wind down my day reading on my iPhone in the dark to ease my way into somnolence – not just catching up on news and science but also reading some great non-fiction on The Atavist such as science writer David Dobbs’ outstanding story, My Mother’s Lover (backstory here).

But the C&EN tweet led me to immediately load the new, free C&EN Mobile app on my gadget.

Note: Although this post is appearing on a C&EN-hosted blog, the following is exclusively my own unsolicited commentary on the new C&EN app.

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