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  1. Renee Coale
    Jul 16 - 12:18 PM

    Fascinating — a good read even for a non-scientist. Hopefully I never have first hand experience with anyone experimenting with synthetic drugs — scary! Thanks, David.

  2. John Spevacek
    Jul 18 - 8:11 AM

    I don’t what the challenge is in outlawing variations on a theme. Patents have “Markush” claims, where the key features of the molecule are claimed, and the non-key features, such as substitution of a ethyl/propyl/butyl… for a methyl are also claimed. If inventors can patent all those molecules, the same logic can be used to outlaw them.

  3. John Beutler
    Jul 18 - 11:40 AM

    One more reason to decriminalize marijuana. It took over a decade to realize that prohibition of alcohol didn’t work. How many decades will it take to realize that the War on Drugs is just as counterproductive and harmful to society?

  4. Sue Stout
    Jul 26 - 9:20 AM

    I have an 18 year old son that is addicted to this “legal” marijuana. He has been through several addiction programs, but soon learned that most drug tests do not pick up this awful drug so he continued to use and collect his AA coins. It’s amazing how many parents don’t have a clue that this is available to anyone who wanders into a gas station. It’s cheap, compared to marijuana.

    It’s lethal and the outcomes of my son’s addiction has rendered him unbearable to live with. He was a bright A/B student prior to this drug coming available. Now he has no goals, no life, no motivation, nothing. His future will be jail, institutions or death because he just continues to justify using it.

    And, still, this crap is being sold in our gas stations. Frying people’s brains. Bath salts were recently taken off the shelf, why isn’t this also removed????

    I will never say that I know what the Dobner’s have gone through, but I will say that I will do anything in my power to join their crusade to get this crap out of our children’s hands!

    • Christina
      Sep 05 - 6:16 PM

      I am in total agreement. I will do whatever I can to remove this poisen from our youth. My son is addicted to this sytyhetic marijuana. It is so very sad. He states has tried to stop on his own, but I am not sure if he is telling the truth. His friend went to an outpatient facility to try and stop smoking it but it did not help him. I do not know what to do. I have tried to encourage my son to try a drug rehab, but he says its a waste of money and it will not help him. He is stealing money from my purse now. Help

    • Ed
      Nov 13 - 7:32 PM

      I am a substance abuse counselor and there are drug screens that test for this (4 kinds) specifically. You may want to check with a local testing agency in your area. I wish you well I know addiction is a terrible and heart breaking disease for family.

  5. Syracuse
    Sep 12 - 8:33 PM

    I have actually smoked this stuff to try it out. It’s a lot like smoking pot only, like what was said, A lot more intense. It also lasts quite longer than marijuana. I have a friend that is in rehab that gets drug tested and he still smokes iAroma because it doesn’t show up on the test. In my opinion, This wasn’t the reason that boy died in the car crash. Weed doesn’t make you drive really fast and cause road rage. It’s so blind to blame a drug on people’s problems. Maybe it’s how you raised your kids? Maybe you didn’t hug them enough. Maybe you live in a shitty neighborhood with scumbag kids for yours to hang out with. Parents think they know their kids, but they have ways to hide things. I smoked pot for 8 years before my mom knew i did. She thought i was an angel before then. I’m not a bad person I go to college, and I have goals. Sometimes I smoke pot on the way home from class. Doesn’t ever make me want to speed down the highway. It’s so dumb to just BLAME all these things on the drug when the real problem was probably YOUR parenting.

  6. john
    Nov 04 - 10:07 PM

    Do not be fooled into self blame game by admitted current drug users into blaming yourself as a parent for your child going down the the drug induced path! My 19 year old son started smoking this shit two weeks ago, I declared war on it today! You guessed it “hard love” selling his car, killing the iphone, killing the live xbox, no more money for fast food or soda, next shut down college if not b or better. Meet with Navy Recruiter this week……..thats right……doing what I can now to save his life to die without guilt or remorse doing what I can with what I have at my disposal. I blame his group of friends for not seeing him through to better times…. fk those deadbeats!!! All of us parents are in the same boat we need to be tough DADS!!!

  7. john
    Nov 04 - 10:23 PM

    By the way we are a affluent family living on a lake 7,000 sq.ft.etc….not a getto…dmb azz. , plenty of hugs coached him in soccer and basketball since 5 yrs. old. He is very artistic and always seeked acceptance from the “popular crowd” a quite and nice kid. Now with this post high school popular group he thinks he is “cool” but in reality he is destroying his brain until he trusts his parents, who love him 1,000,000 times more than these low lifes. If we can just get him through the next three years….do I need to take life insurance out on him???????? Friken Indians selling this shit to kids for profit.. hope their own kids smoke this shit. Americans need to wake the FK up!

  8. nancy
    Dec 28 - 12:56 AM

    My boyfriend started using this thing an i really didnt think it was this bad but now that iam reading this omg idont want anything bad to happen to him!

  9. George from Harvard
    Aug 17 - 3:03 PM

    I’ve tried legal incense, bath salts, inhalants, hallucinogens, uppers, downers, and analgesics, but I don’t do them anymore. For some reason it just makes more sense to smoke dank(MARYJEWANA). Btw If I drink a bottle of 409 and I die, should 409 be removed from the shelves? Also if the teen would have smoked incense and died right there, sure you could blame it on the incense, but him leaving a building and driving into a house (undoubtedly from the incense, Ive expereienced chest pounding and it can be quite scary)cannot be blamed on the subtance itslef, only the ignorance of the teenager(not trying to insult). If I have no drug experience and I knock back 10 30mg Oxys, Im one of two things: ignorant, or wishing for death. You gotta do your research before you go smoking this incense shit/bath salt, Im still alive and rather healthy… Do your research

  10. George from Harvard
    Aug 17 - 3:05 PM

    John, by the way great idea. Take away his car, his college, and all of his items that keep him busy. What you’re really doing? setting him up for drug use/addiction

  11. George from Harvard
    Aug 17 - 3:09 PM

    And replying to Syracuse, you’re right about parents not knowing their children. My parents have no idea I take oxy 30′s, xanax, (they know i smoke weed, they dont care wouldnt you imagine) stuff like that. Im 19, and when I look at myself i am completely happy with what I see. My parents would be so surprised if they knew I was using these, however they have no idea because i keep my composure. parents really have no idea what their kids are doing, no matter how much they think they do

  12. George from Harvard
    Aug 17 - 3:11 PM

    Hey Ed, you might be a substance abuse counselor, but if you’ve never experimented with drugs(not saying u havent) then you really cant say you know ANYTHING about drugs effects on people, sorry but its the truth, and I can back up my information Thanks

  13. Twelve Step Journaling
    Jan 27 - 9:37 PM

    Having kids put to jail after experimenting with drugs is a big lie. Drugs must be legalized. I am in narcotics anonymous and recovering addict. I do not hate drugs, I just choose to live without it.

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