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  1. Bruce Siceloff
    Jul 13 - 10:40 AM

    Hey David – Thanks for your post. Enjoyed meeting you yesterday.

    Bruce Siceloff

    • David Kroll
      Jul 13 - 1:40 PM

      Bruce, so lovely to meet you – I added your Twitter handle to the hyperlink on your name above. Thank you again for hosting us!

  2. Andy Bechtel
    Jul 13 - 11:32 AM

    David, it was great to meet you at the Tweetup. I agree completely — we are lucky to live in a place with so many inspiring people from various fields.

    • David Kroll
      Jul 13 - 1:44 PM

      Andy, so sorry to miss linking to you above. It was a pleasure to finally meet you after interacting with you (and your J-students) on Twitter. Looking forward to seeing you next time I’m in Chapel Hill.

  3. Rudy Baum
    Jul 13 - 11:58 AM

    David, how many CENtral Science T-shirts do you own? We promise to make more available if they start to wear out!

    Seriously, thanks for the shout out to print journalism and professional journalism in general. Although as EIC of C&EN, I’m responsible for several electronic products that bear the C&EN brand, I still like to consider myself an old-fashioned “ink-stained wretch.”

    • David Kroll
      Jul 13 - 1:43 PM

      Rudy, it’s my goal to wear my bright yellow CENtral Science T-shirt in as many photographs as possible. Fortunately for those pictured with me, my wife is kind enough to launder the shirt regularly. However, I may indeed have to request one or two more as this one is already becoming threadbare.

      I completely understand your point – being an ink-stained wretch is no longer sufficient in this business. You have to become conversant in HTML, video, Flash, etc.

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