Go. Dream. Read.

I thought I'd get a real blogpost up before getting on a plane to Chicago today. Alas, not. In the meantime, have you been reading the Just Another Electron Pusher blog across the masthead here at CENtral Science? You must. Seriously. Since Leigh Krietsch Boerner left us for greener pastures, Christine Herman and Glen Ernst have been destroying it like a boss. Go do this dream exercise as Christine suggests. And do play the video to learn about white blood cells - and see her dance! Then, go congratulate Glen on his rescue from an involuntary hiatus. Then, tonight, sit down with a glass of wine and read Christine's profile of Kawal Tandon, a wine industry chemist. And a hearty "well-done" to our benevolent overlord and C&EN Online Editor, Rachel Pepling, at the home office for putting together these two, fabulous writers to capture life in chemistry from graduate student to formerly-unemployed mid-career chemist.

Author: David Kroll

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  1. Aww, thanks, David. And yes, Christine and Glen are great, so thanks for urging people their way. Go forth and read, folks.


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