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  1. Lynn Wilhelm
    Jun 07 - 6:22 PM

    Hi David,
    What do you think of this clay? A blogger in our area thinks it’s worth $100 for 8 lbs. Here’s her post on it: She’s the antivaxx person I mentioned to you recently.

    By the way, I had pica when I was anemic but my craving was for ice and until I found out I was anemic I needed ice to chew all the time. Once the anemia left so did the cravings.

  2. Barney
    Jun 08 - 10:52 AM

    There was a nice old article on pica by Susan Allport (“Women Who Eat Dirt”) in Gastronomica, too: (requires JSTOR access)

  3. Cindy Salo
    Jul 05 - 6:03 PM


    Sorry, but as the holder of a graduate degree in soils (who had a class from the quoted Wallace H. Fuller), your use of “dirt” made me wince. It’s “soil” when it’s outside and “dirt” when it’s inside. Thanks for acknowledging that “dirt” makes soil scientists squirm.

    I collected some soil at Chimayo several years ago and sent some to a friend from Mauritania who had recently returned home from studying in the States and was looking for a job. A day or two after he received the soil, he heard of a job with FAO. A job
    he still holds, according to a recent email.

    I enjoyed your description of Terra Sigillata. I’ve heard of geophagy and wondered about it.


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