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  1. Dan in Fla
    Feb 12 - 1:04 PM

    Why is this necessary? So the Tox lab can double its workload? Has anyone been hurt by these? Has anyone been killed? Why waste taxpayer dollars and law enforcement resources? Can someone explain their irrational fear of someone getting high, especially legally and responsibly?

    • SWIM
      Feb 16 - 6:51 PM

      Most of the scare tatic stories fail to highlight that the people that have had problems were on medication(s) or had consumed large ammount of a particular legal drug…. alcohol. If the real, natural thing was leagal then nobody would have to think up crazy chemical versions of a drug that is not very harmful when used properly in the first place.

  2. Neutral Mage
    Feb 12 - 5:28 PM

    I’m with Dan on this one. If there is a bad problem with the drug harming people in mass, then fine. But how is any of this any different from alcohol? If they had the alcohol company’s level of money, this wouldn’t happen. It won’t do any good, they will all just find more chemicals to process and refine, making this bill useless.

  3. Mark Montgomery
    Feb 13 - 12:03 AM

    I don’t believe any of the scare tactics being used all over the country against the bath salts MDPV and methylone, the media has just run with rumors and each news report exaggerates the horrors of these two drugs even more than the last. Set up a Google “alert” for MDPV and just read the reports, they will make you laugh. I bought a gram of methylone and a gram of MDPV, and they’re not cheap, with shipping they cost $42 a gram. I had to eat the entire gram of methylone to get a 3 hour buzz and half a gram of MDPV to get a lousy, jumpy high. These two drugs are too expensive to use to get high, you’re better off buying a gram of meth or cocaine. I was not impressed. Remember the old adage: “Don’t believe everything you read”. Mark Montgomery NYC, NY

  4. Dan in Ohio
    Feb 13 - 11:00 AM

    This definition of a Cannabinoid encompasses tens of thousands of chemicals. It is the result of asking DEA chemists how you could possibly write a legal description that would ban all possible cannabinoids. The problem is that thousands of other useful chemicals are banned as well. These synthetic cannabinoids were invented because scientist wanting to study newly discovered cannabinoid receptor in the brain were not allowed to get access to THC and other naturally produced cannabinoids for their lab research. Schedule I status for a chemical makes is near impossible for most labs to obtain. Now this bill would put whole classes of useful chemicals into Schedule I, chemicals that show great promise of being important medicines, chemicals that are needed for doing basic research. This bill will stop all such research in North Carolina for years to come.

    Also, by banning thousands of chemicals, they make in impossible for labs to test for compliance. Testing for a few chemicals is possible with modern technology. No method could test for the presence of all chemicals described by these broad definitions. The bill outlaws any quantity of any chemical in any of these wide classes of chemicals in a product. Most products on a grocery store shelf would not pass this test if you could perform it.

    This need for this law is based on the most flimsy of evidence. It will only make these products more popular and drive them underground making them more dangerous. The burden on the chemists and store owners will be extreme. More stupid politicians tricks.

  5. Curtis Fromke
    Feb 16 - 3:03 AM

    These laws are police state wet dreams. Police can make arrests and then wait months for the lab results since the cut backs in reducing the size of government will grind all of this forensic science to be supported. Analytical chem should be good major. This is almost as good as legislation coming out of South Dakota justifying terminating abortion doctors.

  6. Mike
    Mar 03 - 4:46 PM

    Hooray for the Mexican Drug Cartels, they win again thanks to misguided conservative fools.

  7. daedalus2u
    Mar 04 - 11:15 AM

    If the problem is the use by the military, why doesn’t the military prohibit any military personnel from using them? Problem solved.

  8. Alchemist
    Mar 05 - 12:25 PM

    They do NOT care about any health effects, otherwise as most of you have stated alcohol would be ILLEGAL, though our lovely representatives sit back hypocritically sipping there scotch while both marijuana and synthetic marijuana are now illegal. I find this utterly appalling that such a law could be passed. We have a population issue and if this IS harming people then they are stupid for consuming it, let them consume all the drugs they want and die, that will only create more jobs for those of us out of work. At some point people need to stop thinking about their own self-righteousness and let things happen…because they will happen anyway. Its time for a change in our governmental structure and our four-fathers be damned if they would allow this to happen–they wouldn’t.

  9. ncincensemaker
    Mar 10 - 7:50 AM

    Personally i have been making my own incense for the past 9 months. It is for personal use and i sell to a few family members only because they like to relax in the evenings in the privacy of their own home. Also to cover some of my costs. I have safely and privately seen the effects of herbal incense and have also used most of the potent ones as well. Some of them correct should be banned i do believe. But i use in moderation and have seen none if any side effects to these. But i do have a tolerance to them. jwh-018 to be specific. By its own its potent. But most of the other jwh’s out there arent really that good. jwh-122 is an extender type and jwh-73 is more a glow. none of the same magic as 018. But the other ones by themselfs arent much to shake a stick at. but the way they word this they really wanted to attack most of the ones used period. Personally i think this proves a point…Widespread panic of the common person who doesnt smoke pot is going to be the same if its chemically synth. or natural thc. Now the outcome of the common person getting high on legal or illegal substances are the same. nothing. people get high behind closed doors all the time. all these chemicals being invented are leading to the legalization of marijuana and thc like products. we will see it in the next few months if not years. specially in 2012 when california will pass legalization. alcohol and tobacco claim 700,000 lives a year. marijuana to this date – 0. It all boils down to the government flexing its muscles again and telling us what we can and cant do as free citizens.

  10. tom smith
    Nov 28 - 1:52 PM

    marijuana is safer than all of the prescription drugs and over the counter drugs in existence. take a bottle of tylenol or advil to the face and you are most likely going to die. take a bag of marijuana to the face and you WILL not die. trust me i know hundreds of people that wouldve been dead long ago. i know SO MANY functioning good hearted members of society that smoke marijuana recreationally much like alcohol. its doesnt hurt anyone. like someone said its been used for 5000+ years and no known deaths or illnesses. ive been using it daily for about 25 years and now i only vaporize it, so that im not ingesting burning plant matter. (all burning plant matter contains benzene and toulene which are known aromatic compounds that cause cancer) the actual active ingredient in marijuana(THC) helps fight cancer cells due to its anti-angiogenic properties. look that up if you need to david, its true. ask Dr. William Li. im also living proof. so yes i agree, to the fact that large quantities of the synthetic stuff cause unwanted side-effects. however large quantities of marijuana (would have to be cooked and eaten to consume the most possible) will only make you drowsy…in small amounts ( ajoint) it acts as a stimulant, like coffee. its true i smoke with my coffee every night. you lawmakers are the biggest group of idiots ive ever seen. period.

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