Real-life NCIS: USNA midshipmen expelled for K2 Spice distribution ring

Recent news on the expulsion of US Naval Academy midshipmen for using synthetic marijuana products such as K2 Spice has a new and much more serious twist. Sam Fellman at Navy Times reported on Tuesday that the students were not just using the products:
The Navy expelled the seven mids three months after investigators seized a notebook page that suggests one or more midshipmen had hatched the layout for a spice ring. The notebook page seized by Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents appears to detail a makeshift business plan for the alleged spice ring, complete with four investors, 18 possible consumers and plans for a party house.

Uh, no. Don't. Especially if you intend to use a lava lamp.

You can see an image of the notebook page in Fellman's article. A lava lamp? Really? This is not good, especially now that the The Huffington Post has picked up on the story. The US armed forces has acted far more aggressively than the DEA in banning these compounds on bases and in their educational institutions. In fact, Navy Times has another article today on the dismissal of 16 sailors from the Norfolk-VA-based Bataan amphibious assault ship for spice use. We've written extensively about the non-cannabinoid compounds in these products, most of which were synthesized originally in the Clemson University laboratory of retired chemistry professor, John W. Huffman. The US Naval Academy offers a major in chemistry, a program that has been accredited by the American Chemical Society since 1975.  Beyond the fact that these products are banned in the academies, I hope the profs stress to the midshipmen the problems that could be encountered from using products of unknown synthetic hygiene. Sources:

Author: David Kroll

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