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  1. Paul
    Oct 22 - 5:19 PM

    It seems to me that, as long as chemists remain scrupulous and wholesome individuals themselves, there’s no need to worry about this sort of image. Anyone who takes this as is and forever on takes chemists to be mad scientists would likely have thought so anyway, anti-drug poster or not.
    That being said, perhaps I’m just not quite aware of what the layman will think when he sees “The Crazy Chemist.” In the end, though, I doubt it will hurt a chemists image in any significant way.

  2. k
    Oct 23 - 7:22 PM

    I can’t see the image, reading on my phone. Personally, I’d prefer an image of a dorky, @@flaky malnourished guy home-brewing meth in his garage/basement/wherever they do such nefarious things in the UK.

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  4. David Kroll
    Oct 24 - 8:08 AM

    k, when you get to a computer, you must take a look at the Crazy Chemist campaign because someone with your sense of humor will appreciate it. Your point is well-taken as to the kind of person that would likely be more accurately represented in the campaign.

  5. k
    Oct 26 - 6:08 PM

    I just looked at the Crazy Chemist campaign, and find it one of the poorest public service campaigns that I have seen in ages.

    Like all stereotypes, it is a Bad Thing. Although I know scientists who possess odd senses of humor, they are not “crazy” or mentally ill. Again, another bad stereotype. The UK Ministry of Offensive Stereotypes has done an excellent job, although one that should not have been undertaken.

    As above, I would far rather see a real-life example depicted, such as a meth addict, hell-bent on destroying himself, with all of the hygiene, dental, and nutrition problems that are well-documented in medical literature, shown in an illicit meth lab, than this misbegotten, offensive travesty the UK government is trying to promulgate.

    I am not a scientist, but I am the daughter of a chemist.

  6. Catarina Araújo
    Nov 22 - 9:11 PM

    As stereotypical as this “Crazy Chemist” image may be since MOST chamists are not like that one must not forget that SOMEONE (read SOME CHEMISTS) are synthesizing and producing these drugs in large scale. And while they are doing it for money, not because they’re crazy, it’s easy to see the crazyness of the whole situation. Money overriding everything IS crazy. But will go on. In chemistry and elsewhere.

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