Avandia repercussions: Anyone need some contract drug manufacturing?

The pride of Zebulon, NC.

Putting on my Chamber of Commerce hat today, I bring you a story from the local North Carolina press about the GlaxoSmithKline manufacturing plant in Zebulon, just down the road apiece from the state capital. Zebulon is home to the Carolina Mudcats, the Double-A minor league baseball farm team for the Cincinnati Reds. But among asthmatics like me, Zebulon is better known as the source of the GSK Advair Diskus - and about 20 other GSK drugs distributed in North America. Turns out that the Avandia ruling, discussed here at The Haystack by Lisa Jarvis, has shut down manufacture of that drug in Zebulon, creating some excess capacity for contract drug manufacturing. As John Murawski reported this week in the Raleigh News & Observer:
But with Avandia out of the pipeline, GSK wants to take up the slack as a contract drug manufacturer. "Get the word out," GSK's human resources director Gigi Nelson told several dozen public officials and business leaders in Raleigh at a manufacturing rally Monday. "We're open for business. [source]
Most folks know that North Carolina is home to a highly-educated and expert workforce. Because of the excellent quality of life with a reasonable cost of living, the area attracts and retains top-notch individuals in every area of research, development, and manufacturing. The GSK plant there already does some contract work for other companies. So, if you dear readers find yourself in need of contract drug manufacturing, the 500 or so good people working at the Zebulon facility would be much obliged for your business.

Author: David Kroll

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