The nine lives of grandmothers

My maternal grandmother, Tessie Dabeck (1906-2003). Cited in my Ph.D. dissertation for sending me cash that always arrived when I needed it most, she would be nonplussed at being featured on a blog.

I was following up on the writing of Don Troop at The Chronicle of Higher Education after he came by to comment on one of our posts that cited his work. Don had an excellent, frontpage article a couple of weeks ago interviewing scholars who cite running and other physical activity and exhaustion with creativity. (Here was our post.) Yesterday, Don put up a post at his Tweed blog on the "lighter side of academe." The title? "New Semester Results in Huge Loss of Life Among Grandmothers." Go have a chuckle and scroll through the current thread of 37 comments on student excuses. Feel free to add your own here below or over at Don's.

Author: David Kroll

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  1. But first we’d have to get her a computer! Really nice to see her picture and that you remember. Love.

  2. Mom! You found me at the new blog! Pretty spiffy, eh?

    This photo of Grandma sits on my desk where I do most of my writing at home so I do indeed think about her often.

    And for the record, I never cited any of my grandparents passing away as an excuse to miss classes or exams.