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Catalyzing Friendships at the International Chemistry Olympiad

One of the coolest and most unique experiences of the International Chemistry Olympiad is getting to meet the top high school chemistry students from around the world. This year, 72 countries are represented in the competition, which is being hosted in the U.S. for the first time in two decades.

This past Saturday, nearly 300 students arrived at the University of Maryland, College Park, where they are staying this week, and C&EN was there to greet them and find out why they love chemistry:

We also put together a short video to share the excitement of the first day, when students met each other for the first time, united with their local guides, and checked into their dorm rooms:

The students have a challenging and exciting week ahead. Today, they’re taking a five-hour lab practical exam, and on Thursday they’ll be taking a five-hour theoretical exam. They’ll also attend a Baltimore Orioles vs. Oakland Athletics baseball game, tour the National Aeronautics & Space Administration’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and take a boat cruise in Annapolis, Md., just to name a few of the activities in store.

We’ll be checking in on the students from time to time this week. And we’ll be cheering them on during the closing ceremony on Sunday, when the medals are awarded.

Good luck to everyone!