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Chemistry Romance Novel Drops Feb. 7

Courtesy of Heather Snow

Have too many long nights in the lab left you without a special someone this Valentine’s Day? Has grant writing drained all the spark from your relationship?

Well, debut author Heather Snow’s novel, “Sweet Enemy,” might be just the thing to push you over the activation barrier, if ya’ know what I mean. Snow’s book, available online and in bookstores February 7, is a historical romance novel with a chemist heroine.

Avid Newscripts readers may recall C&EN’s 2010 profile of Snow, when her then-manuscript Sweet Enemy was a finalist for a Golden Heart Award, essentially the Oscars of the romance novel world.

Since then, Snow, who majored in chemistry at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, has moved up in the romance novel world, selling her manuscript and launching a monthlong blog book tour to promote Sweet Enemy.

Snow sent Newscripts the book’s cover–a rendering of heroine Liliana Claremont, orphaned daughter of a well-known chemist. “No cool glassware,” she says. “But they did give her a quill and ink to make her look ‘smart.’ ”

Snow has also made the book’s prologue and first chapter available online, so you can find out how Liliana uses her scientific smarts to outwit an intruder.

From there, the drama kicks into high gear. But the heroine does get a happy ending. Snow let slip that Liliana’s hero proposes not with a diamond ring, but with a matrass–a round-bottomed flask with a long, slender neck, commonly used for distillations among Liliana’s 19th-century contemporaries. Clearly her lover knew the way to a chemist’s heart.