About Newscripts

“Newscripts” is the companion blog to the like-named weekly C&EN column. Here you’ll find even more quirky news nuggets plus videos, polls, and photo galleries. This blog is hosted by Sophia Cai, Bethany Halford, and Jeff Huber with contributions from the C&EN staff. Feedback is always welcome either here or at newscripts@acs.org.

Bethany Halford writes for C&EN. After sniffing enough organic solvents to destroy her sense of smell, she traded in her labcoat for a laptop. Now, when she’s not reporting on the latest advances in chemistry, she’s on the hunt for stories that favor the chemical over the nonchemical, the scientific over the nonscientific, the grotesque over the normal.


Jeff Huber is an editor at C&EN. He enjoys finding peculiar news stories that make him laugh and/or tilt his head in a thoughtful manner. This hobby has served him well as a contributor to the Newscripts blog.

 j_huber@acs.org j_huber@acs.org