Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week’s science news, compiled by Sophia Cai and Jeff Huber.

Spotlight stealer: Girl takes credit for the small egg her chicken laid. Credit: Cheddar Valley Gazette

A chicken may have laid the world's smallest egg. Hungry Denny's patrons hope the egg will be served with the world's smallest strip of bacon. [Cheddar Valley Gazette] A solar power plant near Las Vegas has received complaints that the glare from its panels is distracting pilots and poses a safety hazard. Thank goodness there aren't any other potential distractions in the Las Vegas skyline for pilots to contend with. [Gizmodo] Finally, science validates the five-second rule of dropped food. Now it’s society’s turn to accept the slovenly behavior. [Science Daily] The mood of your friends on social media can affect your mood as well, researchers say. So maybe it’s time you stop following Grumpy Cat on Twitter. [NPR] Study shows invertebrates might feel pain. Calamari consumers and lobster lovers everywhere cringe a little. [Washington Post] Pee can actually be used to power a cell phone. "A urine-laced phone?!" the Newscripts gang scoffed. "That'll never happen. Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go back to using our cell phones, which we've accidentally dropped into the toilet three times." [BBC] Not to be outdone by sci-fi movies, surgeons reconstruct a man’s face with a 3-D printer. [iO9] Seattle police authorized to use facial-recognition software. Criminals lining up to get new 3-D printed faces. [NBC News] A bar in upstate New York has turned an ice-frozen parking lot into a field for turkey curling. It's exactly the kind of sensible decision you would expect an establishment that sells inebriating beverages to make. [12 WBNG Action News] No, professor, your lecture is so stimulating that I have to cool my brain! [Gizmodo] Three tiger cubs were recently born in the ZSL London Zoo. Vladimir Putin says he can’t wait to pose with them for a photo-op. [The Telegraph]

Author: Jeff Huber

Jeff Huber is an associate editor at C&EN. He enjoys finding peculiar news stories that make him laugh and/or tilt his head in a thoughtful manner. This hobby has served him well as a contributor to the Newscripts blog.

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