Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week’s science news, compiled by Sophia Cai, Bethany Halford, and Jeff Huber.
Roach two

With their battery packs, cyborg cockroaches may even outlive Cher in the wake of nuclear fallout. Credit: K. Shoji et al/Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology

Giving us Godzilla was, apparently, not enough. Japanese researchers unveil giant cyborg cockroaches. [PopSci] Electronic tongue can distinguish between 51 types of beer. No word yet on whether it can wear plaid, grow a mustache, or ride a fixed-gear bike. [Seriously, Science?] University of Utah scientists interested in learning how religion impacts the brain will be studying MRI scans of Mormon missionaries. Scientists say they found missionaries for their study after engaging in an extensive door-to-door recruitment campaign. [Salt Lake Tribune] We never thought of putting THAT in our eyes. [Improbable Research] In an attempt to attract volunteers, a donkey sanctuary in Northern Ireland is offering potential volunteers access to "unlimited donkey cuddles." The sanctuary, however, remains mum on whether or not volunteers will have to buy their donkeys dinner after cuddling. [UTV] It’s like those magic foam toys that expand in water. But for gunshot wounds. [PopSci] Don’t you hate it when your orange rolls away? Well, here’s one solution. [Inventor Spot] Border collie eats part of her owner's Aston Martin. In the dog's defense, she did have a need for speed. [Yahoo News] And just in time for tonight’s Winter Olympics debut: the physics of ice skating. [Huffington Post]

Author: Jeff Huber

Jeff Huber is an associate editor at C&EN. He enjoys finding peculiar news stories that make him laugh and/or tilt his head in a thoughtful manner. This hobby has served him well as a contributor to the Newscripts blog.

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  1. The item about U. of Utah scientists studying the brains of Mormon missionaries brought to mind the “Provo, Utah Girls” video posted on YouTube by the Divine Comedy troupe of BYU.

    • haha! I had no idea that video existed, but I’m really glad it does.