Virtual Science-y Fireplaces

If you're one of those folks who A) doesn't have a fireplace, B) enjoys staring into the hypnotic, but fake, flames of a faux version on your TV screen during the holidays, or C) doesn't feel like watching "A Christmas Story" on repeat this Christmas Day--Boy, does the Newscripts gang have some solutions for you. We give you the "Science Fireplace." This is an hour-long animation revealing the mystery behind those tantalizing flames. It's all chemical folks. (But please don't tell the chemophobics. They might get twitchy and demand a recall on Yankee Candles and Duralogs.) But maybe you prefer something a little more action-packed? The gurus at the Periodic Table of Videos have just the thing for you. Let's just say this 30-minute clip contains a Bunsen burner, a log, some powders, sprays, colored flames, and slo-mo footage. Man, we love science.

Author: Lauren Wolf

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