Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week’s science news, compiled by Sophia Cai and Jeff Huber.

Know your bird: Meet Caramel, one of this year's pardoned turkeys. Credit: White House

Some key facts about this year's pardoned turkeys. Decide for yourself as to whether or not they really deserved to be pardoned. [White House] The White House’s “We the Geeks” series takes on Thanksgiving cooking (video). [The White House] More breakdown of the science of cooked turkeys: "As the turkey is cooked ... the bonds within the molecules begin to break down, which causes proteins to unravel and the dense muscle meat to become more tender." Mmmm... you had us at unraveling proteins. [RedOrbit] Turns out that eating a bunch of food on Thanksgiving, and not just eating turkey, makes you sleepy. Weird, huh? [NBC News] New Orleans institute has some ideas on how to incorporate insects into traditional Thanksgiving recipes. If only they had told you before you started cooking this year's meal!  [TreeHugger] And now for non-Thanksgiving-themed news: Know what will make you think twice about drinking tons of Coke? The fact that Coke can also be used to remove rust from bolts, blood stains from clothes, dye from hair, and paint from metal furniture.  [ThoughtPursuits] One reason why your kindergartner is winning the argument to stay home from school: Turns out toddlers are smarter than 5-year-olds. [NPR] … And likely smarter than nine-year-olds, given that one just got suspended for snorting Smarties. [Time]    

Author: Jeff Huber

Jeff Huber is an associate editor at C&EN. He enjoys finding peculiar news stories that make him laugh and/or tilt his head in a thoughtful manner. This hobby has served him well as a contributor to the Newscripts blog.

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  1. Smarties were not what Grace Slick had in mind [so to speak] when she wrote “Feed your head”.