Amusing News Aliquots

Silly samplings from this week’s science news, compiled by Sophia Cai and Jeff Huber.

You got the right one, baby? Naw haw: Tourists prefer a facsimile of the Hong Kong skyline to the real thing. Credit: Alex Hofford/EPA/Landov

Tourists can take their picture in front of a poster of the famous Hong Kong skyline if it's too smoggy to see the real one. Next step? Set up posters in your living room and get great travel photos without leaving the house. [NPR] Study finds that savers are more attractive than spenders. No wonder Uncle Sam hasn't looked good in years. [StarTribune] Scientists create a mini "human brains" in the lab. They are "incapable of thought" (says who?), but at least they might be good ammo in our impending war on zombies [BBC]. Wild turkey pees on a cop car. Perhaps it had had too much Wild Turkey? [WTSP] Study shows babies learn to recognize words in the womb. Expanded prohibitive list for pregnancy: alcohol, sushi, rap concerts, R-rated movies, expletives after stubbed toes ... [ScienceNOW] Alligators have been spotted in a Minnesota lake, offering a nice distraction from the Vikings' preseason performance. [KARE 11] After euthanizing an octopus, detaching its arms, and inflicting pain, scientists get two results: evidence that octopuses' legs may have a mind of their own and an EU ban on experiments that cause unnecessary pain or distress to octopuses. [io9] Hornets enter 10K race and immediately set the competition ... abuzz. Wait! Where are you going? Come back! [BBC]

Author: Sophia Cai

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